Sad Solly

The senior cat is outside somewhere. The infant cat is on the black blanket on top of the sofa. He had his wee nuts nuked last Thursday. Went like a mad thing all Friday. Then he stopped. Just stopped. Lay down and stopped eating. Stopped drinking. Stopped playing. He looked grey and sad. Early Saturday … Read more

Hot Stuff

Did the trailer for JENI AND OLLY’S WEST COAT WINE TRAIL. It’s happening first week in March on The Travel Channel, I think you may like it.
I had to cancel it twice because of the weather. Then finally we had a blue sky.
Now as the days pass, the rain has stopped, the snowdrops are nodding their heads in the hedgerow and I’ve been wondering what it is that gets me through the night.
The fact is that as I get older I realise I am wanting for practically nothing.
So what are my goals?
What do I look forward to?
Getting up is always a relief since I could have pegged it in the wee small hours.
Breakfast: Omelette, coffee made by the ‘oosbind, hotwater and lemon. Cheese on toast? The choices are endless.
Lunch: Avocado salad with white onions and basil olive oil? Three bean salad? Cauliflower rice? The choices are endless.
Supper: And here comes the biggy. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, a little of what you fancy does you good.

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On the table. Off the table. In the Yukka. Off the Yukka. Up my leg. Down my leg. In the daffodill jug. Over with the daoffodills. On the chair. Off the chair. I’m trying to write. Solly is being kitten, if he carries on being a pest he will not grow into a cat. SOOOLLLLEEEEEEEE…..