Lantern lunacy

1 o’clock and my body has finally been addressed. On the last day of August I have begun again. I’m playing the Bee Gees in tomorrows show just so’s you know. I Snarky Puppied round the houses. Taking in the hot sun, the abundance of blackberries, the very, clear, bright light, the waning Policeman’s Helmet, … Read more

Strictly no Dancing

What a strange old time. My feet and fingers are cold. I’m wearing my mothers old cardigan, pink wooly socks and my flannelette pyjama trousers. It must be AUTUMN setting in. I’m going into the vegetable patch to pick a big lettuce, some spinach and kale leaves then make a huge salad. On Saturday the … Read more

Radio Kent

It’s Wednesday evening. The window is open and there’s the distant buzz of an aeroplane flying to Gatwick. God’s Gift has just watered the garden and I’m sitting in the attic xorsted. Depping at Radio Kent. A splendid activity. Tomorrow and next week. I leave the house at 7.45 and get into the studio by … Read more


JOIN ME FOR MORE SUNDAY BANTER. 9-12 on Radio London 94.9 this August 4th – tell me you favourite ice-cream and why. Where would you most like to lick it…..not the cornet, silly, the location. And your oldest friend stories. Do you holiday with one special friend? Have you ever fallen out and then had … Read more