Lantern lunacy

1 o’clock and my body has finally been addressed.
On the last day of August I have begun again. I’m playing the Bee Gees in tomorrows show just so’s you know.
I Snarky Puppied round the houses. Taking in the hot sun, the abundance of blackberries, the very, clear, bright light, the waning Policeman’s Helmet, Bobby Tops, Copper Tops, and Gnome’s Hats, Himalayan Balsam and Kiss-me-on-the-mountain, otherwise known as Impatiens Glandulifera,
they originate from the Himalayan mountains.
Talking of which, after my 1 hour 3 min rolk I skipped into the garden, switched on the fountains and laid my rubber mat down. Flicked off more little black flies than land on a Garibaldi biscuit, stood on one leg for one minute, the other leg for 60 seconds, a little more balancing then the Tibetan Five. Imagine back in the day the monks must have done their 5 to the Policeman’s Helmets as they bobbed in the Himalayan winds – That is both the flowers and the monks.
20 minutes meditation as the sun throbbed into my body. The gentle wind drying my exertion.
This afternoons task is to collect up all the windfalls, make the good apples into juice, the bruised ones onto the compost.
The wasp hanger, donated by the middle daughter, is full of dead wasps that have flown up into it to binge on the jammy water. I’m not sure I can do the decanting I think its a job for Gods Gift, who should be back from rehearsal soon.
Then it’s making a huge salad to eat under the apple trees.
I’m just recovering from last weekend. I wish we could do it all over again.
Late on Sunday night we sent off twelve Japanese lanterns.
One for my mother, one for Jimbo, one for the kids and so on. When the lantern ascended for the three girls it dipped, and troughed. Zoe ran into the hedge to try and catch it, Corin round round the hedge intending to rescue the tents, but the jolly old lantern righted itself and flew up into the dark sky.
We all cheered from relief and hilarity.
No animals were hurt in the making of this blog.