U Turns

I set my alarm for 5.00
Wrote it on my head three times and fell asleep having seen BEYOND THE CANDELABRA in Uckfield Picture House.
My writing partner is staying until Saturday and we are tweeking and creating in the garden.
Anyway fell asleep over my book and woke, having slept brilliantly, until 4.32.
Got in the shower. Put on lippy and mascara and went downstairs to the kitchen to await my car.
‘Daybreak’ called me yesterday to ask whether I would speak about the invisibility of the aged. Of course I said.
At 5.30 the car called to say they couldn’t find the cottage. So I went outside. Turned off my laptop and shoved my headphones into my smart phone.
Climbed in the back, the Romanian driver chatted for one minute then I shut down and meditated. Worked out my opening gambit, found four things to say and merrily dozed until we got to Lewisham, when the drivers phone pinged.
‘It’s for you’ he said surprised.
‘So sorry’ said the researcher but there is a change of running order and a big technical hitch and we don’t need you. We will still pay you but …..’
They had called me at 5.32 but I didn’t hear the ring due to the headphones being jammed in the speaker hole.
I told the driver to turn round, do a U Turn, and take me back to East Sussex. A bugger for him since he had to get me home then drive all the way to back to Wembley.
‘They never really care about us.’ He said forlornly.
I got back to the ranch by 7.14. Watched the ‘Daybreak’slot I should have been in. A man from ‘The Mirror’ talking about Osborne’s ferocious cuts and a male from ‘The Mail’ defending them.
Put on my trainers and walked for an hour listening to the birds and smelling the Larches, Spruces, Yew and Beech. When I got to the outdoor pursuit centre the smell of breakfast and children reminded me of curried herrings and I got all nostalgic for Sweden and my wonderfully misspent youth.
I did three balancing exercises in the sitting room and my 5 Rites in the garden. Drunk a litre of greens turned on the fountain between the newly sown beans, put out the cushions on the swing set, a table cover on the garden table and turned Philomena on. Her water trickling down her chest in front of three pots of herbs and fever few.
Changed my clothes, and got the old man and the writing partner up and now I’m going to have a pot of coffee and sit in the garden and remind myself never to put my headphones in the mobile again in case I miss another important call.
Mind you it did me favour. I’m up, out and about and have had a very interesting discussion with the Romanian driver from Bucharest who was a masseuse and is getting married on Friday in Harrow.
It aint warm yet but the weather looks very promising. I cannot believe I’m saying this but I’m rooting for Andy Murry this year.
Yep another U Turn.
You have a good day and stay alert.

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  1. Just catching up on your blog, fabulous as always, lots of love to you and the family, and all the lovely blogger friends
    Mwah Marmite xx

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