Wild Garlic

Taking and uploading pictures has become all consuming.
I have so much work to do but I chose to climb into my little red car and drive 25 minutes to Plawhatch
Park amongst the wild garlic, take pics, snip a few leaves and flowers with my Swiss Army Knife, which happens to be my car keying.
Then I shopped for all these lovely vegetables. That’s how they are displayed in the shop I didn’t buy them all. What are you thinking? But they look so healthy and organic I almost want to lick the screen.
To get my blood sugar back to normal I have put myself on a juice fast. As I write I’m drinking liquorice tea and digesting Jerusalm artichokes, Brussel sprouts and English carrots. Worra cosmopolitan shake.
I’m putting off the real work, which is like doing an English exam only more stressful. Just after I took this picture a posh woman stopped her car to ask me if I was okay. As I stood in the rain taking pictures of garlic I chirruped ‘Never been better’. She drove off up the road you can see.
The old man’s out tonight playing with his ukulele, so I will have a whole evening to catch up on all the work I’m avoiding doing.
But this pictures lark is brilliant.
I hope you’re enjoying seeing them as much as I am taking them.
BTW our meeting yesterday was so positive that if I were to allow myself the indulgence of indulging I would be in the dulge right now.
All we need now is some sun….. when we do get some I will take a picture of that unusual event rest assured.

10 thoughts on “Wild Garlic”

  1. Dear Jeni
    All those lovely photos and no comments ? Come on you miserable lot, if we don’t encourage her she might stop. I’m really enjoying the more frequent blogging and hoping it means things are looking up for you.

  2. GIVE us a chance Penny, Jeni only posted it a few hours ago. I like the look of that little red fast car – that is right up my street. Wouldn’t mind taking that for a spin around the tracks. And i’ll have a couple of those lovely green apples while iam at it. Many thanks.
    love light

  3. Hi Jeni
    Loving the pics! All my favourites,white and pink blossom, bluebells and forget me nots, bliss.
    Followed by all that produce!
    Well done you.
    You’re really on fire with this blogging lark!
    Love June

  4. Hey Jeni,
    Really enjoying your photographs, your blogs have a whole new energy about them.
    I’m so jealous you can find wild garlic….I must venture out and pick some!
    Thanks for your words and images…….they’re brill!
    Joe from sunny south london

  5. I don’t think Jeni’s followers are a miserable lot, we all comment as and when we can. Now I know what wild garlic looks like I shall look out for it.

  6. A verse came to mind while reading… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13. Have a blessed day!

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