Sunday 17th February

What interesting piece of history have you uncovered from your family’s deep and dark past. Or what don’t you know? Tune in after 10am and talk to our expert and hear actress Samantha Womack’s (Janus) story about when she delved into her family history. Call us on 02072242000.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 17th February”

  1. We all really enjoyed hearing about what was happening with your life, but now it’s all promoting your radio show, which is a real shame, and seems desperate, can we have the old Jenny back please as really enjoyed that.

  2. PLEASE can we have the old Jeni back and not the one that is always promoting her radio show, it sounds so desperate, and if you have to work so hard promoting the show is it really worth it, it’s actually turned me off listening to it. Go back to the old interesting Jeni, PLEASE

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