Governmental dumping

The tops of the fir trees are swaying in the cold wind, the air around my feet is chilly. Have to eat. Have to walk. Have to write. Who says? The prospect of all three does not fill me with enthusiasm. I have a black t-shirt on, which smells of Prada, but I have to … Read more


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Sunday 17th February

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Lapsang Soupong

Year of The Snake started yesterday.
As the rain tumbled down, turned to sleet, then snow, I talked with Jeremy Phang abut this year coming up.
He said what all the generic websites say that soon we will be reaping the benefits of last year.
I do hope so – times is tough not just for me but for so many of my friends.
Woke this morning to big, blobby snowflakes. They haven’t settled but the tops of the trees are still sprinkled with white.
When I first started writing twenty years ago – blimey I cant believe it’s that long ago – I used to make myself a pot of Lapsang Souchong tea. It’s aroma makes me nostalgic.
I’ve resurrected the tradition. I have a white teapot. my own Masons Regency teacup, I balance the hot pot in one hand, and the teacup in the other with my phone and the intercom so I can talk to Gods Gift in the studio. Then I settle down at my table in the attic.
The first slurp and I’m back in the middle bedroom, 1984, with an old Amstrad writing scripts for TVam.
I was as bad on computers then as I am now, although my keyboard skills are pretty kuch perfectl.

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Lily of the Valley

On with my airport socks, muddy trainers, shorts, purple jogging vest, that was so tight I was up to my neck in chest, a shrunken grey cardigan and a thin, yellow fancy anorak, with a front pocket for my smart phone. Put the headphones round the back of my head, on with The Puppies and … Read more