Autumn Greens.

A pair of green socks and a big green woolly sweater to cover my modesty.
Th cottage is very quiet, although there is a hiss from the boiler as it heats up the radiators.
It is chilly. A sharp, October cold.
Gods Gift is playing golf in Seaford, and I’m in the middle of writing.
This week is jam packed.
Voice overs, pre-recs, book launches, dinners, and meetings.
Yesterdays show was interesting. From trees, and the notion that we may all be put back on food rationing, to ‘Inconvenient People’ a book about the incarcerated in Victorian England, to comedy with Mr. Jeff Innocence – who brought me in two bagels and a salt beef sandwich DELICIOUS THANK YOU. Mr. Anthony Andrews talking about his play ‘Bully Boy’ which is profoundly good on at ‘The St. James Theatre’, and ‘Radioman’, an American itinerant who has been in more Hollywood films than Adam Sandler.
After driving home I collapsed and watched X Factor. Melanie Masson is a regular guest on the show, I’ll be talking to her about her vote off.
Then the ‘oosbind and I we sat up with another three ‘Homeland’ CD’s, 3 to go…..which meant were…..
Late to bed, late to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and late.

1 thought on “Autumn Greens.”

  1. Fantastic show as usual today, Jeni dear! At least your voice didn’t let u down besides being a little scratchy! Thanks for starting us off with Adele’s bond theme song, it really warmed the cockles on a dreary Sunday morning. I giggled along with u at your concern over the catalytic converter jeans!!
    It’s great to hear the bounce in your voice once again.
    All my love,

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