post haste

First show back after two weeks out. No vacation just unpacking and more unpacking.
Le Studio, at the bottom of the garden, looks like a boot fair.
Gods Gift has taken to making pink apple juice every day with the biggest apples this garden has ever produced.
I’m housewiffering to try and get everything into place, after this week no more faffing around. Its writing and getting myself back into a routine of work.
But today the dawter made Sunday lunch. Chicken with all the trimmings. I was so tired that after the final mouthful I fell asleep at the table. Havn’t quite adjusted to getting up so early driving in to the BBC and driving back again.
No complaints though.
It’s just gone midnight and if I don’t get my head down soon I will pass the point of sleep.
I have a full on week again and then its sitting in for Vanessa. Goodness knows how the cuts will affect BBC London, everything is up in the air.
My eye lids feel like roller blinds. night night.

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