The Big Clean up

Boxes boxes everywhere and ne’re an inch to think.
The trilling of the dawn chorus – ooh! I’d forgotten how loud it is here in East Sussex.
After three moves we’re nearly out.
I’ve still got my duvet, bathroom pots and a handful of clothes in the flat the rest of my life is packaged up and perfect foot-stubbing material. If I start from downstairs and work upwards by the time I get to the bathroom we should have room to walk.
After years and years of London Living I am trying to fit city life into the smalles of cottages.
I can hear the walls wheezing.
It’s nearly 6.00a.m. and I have so much to do, including writing Sundays show, so getting out of bed was easier than staying in it with my monkey mind.
It’s Gods Gifts birthday today he has agreed that we can feed him fancy chow tonight – took some doing.
I’m off now into the basement, I go with my rubber gloves and duster. I apologise now to all the spiders and bugs I am about to kill.

3 thoughts on “The Big Clean up”

  1. My darling Jeni – I can feel your pain and how lost one can feel when leaving a place called home once. I moved so many times in my life I should be used to the pain by now. I think one never gets used to it. But somehow it never changes. But you know, there’s an island where you will always be home. Just click your heels three times… John Bucchino was wonderfule and I will meet him again in New York. Much love as always. Frank. xxx

  2. Wishing you all the best with your change. I always think that when these changes face us that it just the next chapter in our lives. Take it by the horns and get the very best from it.

  3. Hi Jeni
    Well it’s nearly time to say the final goodbye to the flat, but I’m sure as each van load has made it’s way to Sussex it’s looking less and less like yours. The “stuff” that is yours, thats what makes a “home”, personal stuff and people, the rest is just bricks and mortar.
    So come the end of the month your stuff and people will be in Sussex and that’s where you’ll be heading.
    So say your goodbyes and don’t look back, that door will have closed, literally.
    Good luck darling girl.
    Sent with love

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