Rhyme nor reason.

Worra time of it.
A moving of the clothes
A moving of the clothes
A moving of the clothes Oh!
A moving of the clothes…
I’ve been listening to Steel Eye Span!!!!
For the last eight days I have been
Packing, working,
Weeping, sleeping.
Driving, striving,
Closing down.
Talking, walking,
Watching, clocking
Thinking, drinking,
Closing down.
I’ve been saddened, maddened
Sometimes gladdened
But mostly I’ve been closing down.

9 thoughts on “Rhyme nor reason.”

  1. Jeni, Just wanted to say what a marvellous job you’ve been doing on BBC London in the mornings all this week.

  2. Have been thinking of you Jeni during this awful week and just knew weeping occur, sending huge hugs xxhugxx p.s. how is your eye?

  3. This is good – or a complaint?
    I guess recent events were collective delusion in the guise of reality through the possession of hand-held devices seeming their narcotically malnutritioned owners a linguistic credibility.
    The looting (the outrages were not riots as the actors were not shopping prior to their sociopathy) evented only hours after Neptune (metabolism) stepped back into Aquarius (outrush) opposed by a retrograde mercury (trips, messages) in Leo (drama, making hay, charisma).
    David Cameron’s, Boris Johnson’s and Theresa May’s initial absences were reflected in these two planets’ seeming backward motion as was the delay of sufficient police response.
    The astrological picture was and is horrendous (I am not one who exaggerates). It will improve marginally at the end of the month when Venus enters Virgo and mercury ends retrogression.., ..I hope.

  4. Hi Jeni
    It’s always the saddest time when we are in the middle, once we are at the end then we can move on. The middle for you has been several months of, “This is the last time I’ll be doing/seeing/watching all this”, that we put ourselves through that is the hardest.
    Once the move is over then rather than closing down you will start to “blossom” again.
    But know this, you are right where you are meant to be in the great scheme of things darling girl.
    Best Love

  5. Hello Jeni,
    I help at my local allotment on sunday mornings so cannot listen to your show. Mind you, it is not the same as your LBC days. Since you left I cannot get to talk to the folks. I reckon it is the gross Ferrari who is blocking me. How sad. How are things with you ? There seems to be something missing in your life these days and you do not need that.
    Slog on Kid,

  6. And now with the introduction of Clive Goodman’s revealing letter the phone hacking enquiry takes on the appearance of a major scandal, one maybe big enough to bring down not just News International (as it certainly should) but the Coalition government as well (as cross-fingers it might). It seems when Cameron said “We’re all in this together”, he really really meant it, didn’t he? They’re ALL of them crooked! LOL!

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