eye eye

Since Tuesday I have been treating a watering eye.
I’ve used up more tissues than a tikker tape parade on the fourth of July in downtown Manhattan.
I’ve had these drops and those drops, the other drops and then the ones that I spilt on the kitchen table. I have taken this remedy and that and finally the full drip is now but an occasional tear like a leaky shower head with a wonky washer.
In between the teary eye, for which the ‘oosbind prescribed a tap on the head, we have moved B out of her Hackney residence.
Ironed and washed, pressed and folded five years of independent living and somehow she has managed to fit herself into her attic room, she has removed everything from her room which means the old git and myself have but four inches either side of our bed now.
Today I dropped her off at her flat, and proceeded onto mine. I am taking in the wonders of London, the bridges, the river, the noise the people. Taking it all in as I have limited time to absorb it. By the end of August I will be fully relocated in the cottage.
How will I fit in years and years of London life into the tiny cottage in the middle of fields?
Well I have become close friends with all the charity shops in the area, and even bought the local newspaper to see where the boot fares are. At my time of life it is befitting for me to detach. Learn how to let go. To all of you who have sent me such wonderful comments I am being kind to myself.
And so now, off with the telly, on with the headphones, down to the book; ISLA BLAIRS book THE TIGERS WEDDING a wonderful read She’s coming onto the show.
Tomorrow I have actresses, travel writers, didgeree doo players and a party to go to afterwards. Do join me at 9.00, I know its early but I promise I won’t shout.

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  1. Morning, As I previously suggested get yourself a shed..a pink shed.. a girly shed..an escape shed….with a kettle and fridge !! it will all work out you watch, in 12 months time all this upheaval (spelling looks very wrong) will just seem like a small blip on lifes rich tapestry. So get a shed paint the inside any colour YOU like after insulating it, which is easy we have done it and cheap, carpet the floor for your meditation, and just relax. Love to all xxhugxx

  2. Hello Jeni
    David and I, (partners of 20 years, and, yes, before you ask, we were both very young when we got together!) moved to a cottage in the Norfolk Broads on our return from years of living in the centre of major cities such as London, Johannesburg and Toronto.
    It is a big step when you are used to the buzz of a city, and the convenience of 24 hour living.
    When I moved to the village, I found that people stop to say hello. We all seem to look out for each other.
    In the “busy-ness” of life it can often be very difficult to hold on to the important things: people; a chance to understand oneself; a sense of peace.
    This morning very early I was in the garden of our cottage putting out the washing, and the swallows were flying and crying above me.
    How wonderful, Jeni! How wonderful!
    To let go is a very brave thing. Making the most of letting go is the greatest challenge. Bit it is also liberating. Because you have to make an effort, you give more of yourself.
    And the essence of love is the gift of self.
    Martin and David
    (Ex- Brighton beaux)

  3. Martin and David, your words are beautiful and true.
    Honesty like that makes cry like those swallows.
    Love and Light, LV

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