Housewiffery is on the agenda today.
Sometimes I don’t mind it, today its alright as it’s the only thing that will warm me up.
I couldn’t sleep so I watched Jessica Double Thingy simper her way through ‘Sex in the City’. I’ve never watched the series before but I’m intrigued by the story telling.
My inabilty to sleep was not helped by putting Tiger Balm on my knees. The smell of menthol got right up my nose.
As did Jessica Double Thingy’s simpering.
I finally was laid to rest at 4.00a.m.

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Spring has sprung

When the alarm bellowed at me I literally leapt out of bed.
At six in the morning there is no point in arguing with John Humphries.
Collected my shorts and vest from the utility room, rolled up a clean towel, filled my water bottle with filtered iced water, poured in a sashet of something with vitamins in, threw in my phone and purse and crept out of the flat.
Within 30 minutes I had driven through Wandsworth, Clapham and Balham, parked in Sainsbury’s and arrived at the Bikram reception bang on time.
The 6.30 class was fuller than I expected, but we worked as one. The teacher, new to me, was lovely and I left after 90 minutes of blissful moving meditation.

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My last ever 61st Monday

First I watch the BBC news at 6.00
Then I watch The ITV news at 6.30.
Libya, Japan and energy companies who have us by the short and curlies.
Then I watch Corrie.
Then I watch University Challenge.
Or some such quote from Alan Bennett.
Then I watch the second part of Corrie and find my self getting really angry with the mother of the publican.

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Super Moon Blues

From Uttapam to chocolate cake. From the Number 24 bus route to a taxi to shake the frost bite off. I cannot believe how cold everything is. I cannot believe how disoriented I feel. Is it the Super Moon? Is it the arrival of the old git? Is it the Funny Women gig at the … Read more

I cannot Alka-LIE

Apples and pineapples are soooooooo delicious BUT they do my gut in. Too much sugar, too much acid. I woke this morning feeling less than magnificent, however, I made yoga. A beeeeyoutifool young geezer struck up some chat. Only a little one as we needed all the breath we could get. Todays teacher somehow managed … Read more

The best things in life are nearly free

I went back to Yoga yesterday.
The bliss of it.
I couldn’t make the day sessions so drove to the 5.00 p.m. class.
I had been up since before 7.00 organising my new regime. It meant shopping in ASDA, forgive me, which opened at 7.00. Except it didn’t open until 7.30. So I drove on an empty tank to fill my car up with petrol and fill my tyres up with air.
I complained to the garage man that it comes to something when we have to pay for air.
‘AIR IS FREE.’ I complained.
He didn’t understand a word I was saying as he took my 50p
The fact is that nothing is free anymore not even air.
The old song says ‘The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free.’
But we know that the super powers are battling to buy bits of the moon. Lunacy if you ask me.

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‘Tis a naughty night to swim in….’

The old git started up the car, I loaded one wash bag into the boot, and off we went. After twenty minutes sitting in a traffic jam on Battersea Bridge, and a further fifteen minutes filling up the petrol tank, we set off for Stratford-On-Avon.
The sky felt huge and low as we drove past the Art deco buildings on the A4. By 11.30 we were driving into Shakespeares streets.
The wind was cold, the clouds grey and the parking attendants were out in force. So we stopped and made friends with one who looked like my best friends ex-husband. I didn’t trust him one little bit.

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Rebalancing finally.

The show was fun yesterday. You can listen to four of us playing the kazoo on the BBC repeat thingy. Do listen its very funny. I went home, an impromptu visit. Me, the old git, the daughter and the sunshine, travelled back to East Sussex. The daffs are out, the grass is green and the … Read more