My last ever 61st Monday

First I watch the BBC news at 6.00
Then I watch The ITV news at 6.30.
Libya, Japan and energy companies who have us by the short and curlies.
Then I watch Corrie.
Then I watch University Challenge.
Or some such quote from Alan Bennett.
Then I watch the second part of Corrie and find my self getting really angry with the mother of the publican.

Clever Trevor taught me about mirror nuerones – which is what I was doing watching The Street – and visual squashing. I’m dying to have him on the show so that he can tell you about them as well.
Then I eat the second of my two super salads using a shed load of garlic since the old gits in East sussex.
Then an apple. Which tastes funny because of the garlic.
Then I hang up the laundry.
This is the last Monday I shall ever be 61.
On Thursday I will be 62. Who’d have thought it?
Most of my extended framily are working away, working at home or just unavailable.
So I’ve made a decision to buy a crate of champagne and invite whoever is around to come and sip a tipple with me.
Then I pondered on my new idea.
So now, at 21.37 I am going to bed.
I have set the alarm for 6.00
Will do my yoga at 6.30.
And smile at the last Tuesday of my 61st year.
Coffee in the Square and a possible meeting in Farringdon.
So far most aspects of my life are uncomfortable. But then thats how it goes at the moment. This too will pass, as they say.

2 thoughts on “My last ever 61st Monday”

  1. Hey Jeni
    It’s my last week of being 41 – if you have a crate of champagne I’ll be round about 7pm – have a wonderful day, much love always Marmite xx

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