You lodgee

Whiskey and water help to ease my head that feels like its caught in a vice.
Joanna, as usual you misunderstand me. But hey ho you too are part of the process.
My mother has pink cheeks tonight and two new nightdresses I bought her. My cousin bought her a furry housecoat. My mother will survive, with the help of the staff and doctors of her hospital who, God bless ’em , try and explain the inexplicable to me.
With much effort I managed to decipher what the obese nurse was explaining to me. Not a criticism Joanna, just a description.
I have set in place ‘power of attorney’ and have been watching Tommy Tiernan make Irish jokes about the Irish and whatever else he can lay his delicious hands on. I love him.
I think some of you may be offended by his honesty.
With a touch of the malt inside me I know my mother will live to see her great grandchildren delivered by my daughter. I jolly well hope so.
I won’t get caught out, though, this time. When my father died nobody spoke up on his behalf, I had to wing it. So last night I started writing – prematurely – my mothers eulogy, in the knowledge that I will change it, add to it, amend it and keep it in the drawer until I need it which, all being well, won’t be for at least another good, few years.
Therapy for me and hopefully a bloody good speech for her.
On that note I wish you all good health….

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  1. Iam wishing and sending Love Light and Peace to you and your mama, Jeni. To all mama’s and daughters…
    Jeni your blogs and bloggers touch my heart one minute and i’m laughing out loud the next!
    A good cry and a good laugh is the best medicine, gets it all out the system i reckon.
    Now imagine what your blogs would be like if you spent 27 years in the Nhs….oh my gawd……
    Love and Light to One and All,

  2. Dear Jeni. I have just read your last 2 blogs and im so sad to hear about your mother who is now in the hospital and i know how your feeling at this time, And i wish i could find the right words to bring some comfort to you! but finding the right words is hard, Remember that your mother loves you Jeni and she knows that she is in the hospital for treatment because she knows you want her to be better again and so she is being cared for by a dedicated team at the hospital who are usually overworked underpayed but they try their best to deliver good patient care and some time when one asks them questions they appear distant and hesitant to answer But trust me in what i say Jeni that they will do the best for your wonderful mother whom you must love so much!
    Its obvious that you are frightened of losing her and this causes us such emotional pain and stress, But its not your fault Jeni. I will be saying prayers for you dear mother and for you Jeni.
    I lost both my parents many years ago now and i was devastated as they were such wonderful good people. My dad was a Congregational Church Minister and a Missionary with the then London Missionary Society and they sent my Mum and dad to the South pacific Island of Niue where they helped so many people showed how to grow food get water build houses that would keep out the rain built 2 schools and a church and my dad even Married the Governor of Niue Island ( No Jeni My dad diddent get hitched to the Governor1 He Married him to another woman!)
    They used to go to Hawaii for there holidays to recharge the batteries and one year they were in Hawaii when Pearl harbor was Bombed ! they were on a beach the other side of the island but they heard the bombing and saw the palls of smoke rising. also when they were Missionaries in South Africa i was with them and i was amazed at what my parents did for the people .and im so proud of them we even Met Albert Schweitzer at his hospital in the Gambia and ill never forget that although i was only 6 years old at the time. when i think what my parents did for others i just feel its such a shame that its all over and i cant ask them any more Questions Jeni, Anyway I do so hope that your Dear Mum will be OK Jen. may God Bless You and Your Dear Mother! Love Terry XX and Hugs to both.

  3. Now that is what I call a much more positive blog ! yet again you seem to have picked yourself up brushed yourself off and started all over again.
    Wonders what your main topic of discussion will be on Sunday xxhugxx

  4. Hell of a time isn’t it?
    My Ma died last August. I am the only child. I stayed home all my life. Always here. Always on call. I’m glad I was. Never chose a life of my own. Never needed one. Work was always local. No self pity. I made my choice willingly. Now it’s just me and Dad.
    The bruising pain of loss rushes at you with such raw speed you don’t hear the impact. You think you do, but trust me, you hear it later.
    As for the guilt, well yeah. I’d change a lot of what I did i suppose, looking back. But thats life. The only impossible option.
    My cousin said ‘Everybody has to face this. It’s our turn now.’ No comfort, but true.
    I’m glad you have a brother. You will be too, I think. Doing all this alone takes too much strength.
    Remember the fun times. Remember the laughs. Thats the best. Other people will tell you things you never knew about this wonderful lady, things to make you laugh, gasp, cry and sigh.
    Whichever way these next days go, if we can help, even if it’s just to shout at us in frustration, sorrow, confusion, anger, whatever reason, we’re here.
    Believe me, I know how it feels to be in the hands of medics who’s intentions are wonderful, but who are exhausted and stretched beyond reason.
    Loves best wishes, Jen,

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