Bikram begins again.

Bikram this morning. My balance is coming, it’s very exciting.
Even had a shower in the communal showers. I pretended that I looked like all the young women with their Brazilians. Even though I know I look like an old woman with a Mohican.
Grocery shopping. Too much money for not a lot of stuff.
Filling up my car cost me more than two weeks on The Costa Del Sol.
A walk in the park with Gods Gift, was a walk in the park, freezing even though I used him as a hand warmer.
Coffee in the square, two crusts of his delicious cake, then back to the flat for some real work.
If I have the time I may do Nasir’s workout, if only to watch the geezer who shouts out the instructions. I don’t like his tattoo but I like him and his estuary accent..
The Old Git’s off to Hackerknee for the show, so I have peace and quiet to write.

4 thoughts on “Bikram begins again.”

  1. Morning Jeni, Why do you days always well nearly always sound so wonderful, you have such spirit. Sundays show was wonderful Love to all xxhugxx

  2. I have mentioned this before but please consider within your broadcasting boundaries the help/support/actions for the parents of out gay teenagers. Broadcast the implications of the new family unit and the emotional help that is currently available. This is such an important issue and the advice available for adaption needs to be advertised. Parents still need advice in 2011.

  3. Hi Jeni – i have been away for a while and only just realised, you are not on LBC…where are you and why are you not on LBC radio…i loved your show…
    thank you
    Miriam – from

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