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  1. Oh No Jeni! Your not ready to give up this exciting life of Working in the Smoke at BBC and being enlivened by the bright lights of London and its all enveloping energy and your lovely walks in London over the Bridge to Cheney walk and along to Kings Road past Peter Jones and up Sloane St to Knightsbridge Green Park and you name it its wonderful for the senses! It always works for me and it also works for you it makes one Glad to be still alive now were both over 60! ha Ha!and the Freedom pass really helps too dosnt it! It opens up London for us, your lovely walks by your Cottage are also wonderful and im glad you enjoy them too1 yes You get the best of Both worlds just as you are Jeni!! So sorry Joanna! i guess youll have to wait quite a bit longer cause our Jeni Loves Life and lives it to the full! and wont be pulling her slippers on permanantly next to the hearthside for a long while Yet! good on Ya Jen!! Love Terry in darkest Putney Heath XX

  2. Don’t you dare give it all up, you have far tooooooo much in you for that. Plus we well some of us need you. Love to all xxhugxx

  3. I never asked her to put her slippers on. NEVER. Every person is in charge of their own life. I just wondered if she enjoyed my Crowborough enough to want to spend more time here. I am always in ore of Jeni’s zest for both Worlds. City and Country. I lived in London for almost 3 years …. hated it and couldn’t wait to get out. I loathed it but was stuck to a mortgage and a property. I worked every hour I could so I never had to endure the city. Never again.
    I love the Country and it’s village and my lovely walks.
    Of course I still go up to London …. but now I always know I am only one hour away from my perfect life.

  4. I will be listening to you on Sunday and really miss your voice in the afternoons on that other station. I came home from work … cup of tea … relax and listened to an hour of your programme in the conservatory and recharged my batteries.

  5. Saw from your Tweet that the funeral was a humanist one, they are the best and far more personal for the family I think. Sorry for your loss Jeni and that of your family x
    On a completely different note If you have Sky watch Al Jazeera Channel 514 and their fascinating coverage of the Egyptian situation.
    Lovenhugs xxxx Fee

  6. Please if you can within your boundaries at London Radio on your Sunday morning slot do a section on gay teenagers coming out to their parents.

  7. Oh Joanna. I meant you no disrespect when i said Jeni loves the best of both worlds!
    And i truly understand how you must love being in idylic Crowborough as its a wonderful location in Kent which i love visiting very much and Jeni and Jim must love it too else they wouldent have bought their cottage there would they!
    I love living in Putney Heath as i have the Heath just outside my front door and the whole of Wimbledon Common with its windmill also 5 mins walk away i have the whole of Richmond Park with the lovely deer and down the hill from me is the river Thames at Putney where i can always see the start of the Oxford and Cambridge University and The Kings road to London starts just the other side of Putney Bridge. Thats why i love living where i do !! Anyway now Jeni i am counting the hours and minutes till your radio show on Sunday morning starts as you brighten up the morning for me and your thousands of Fans everywhere!! Were with you all the way!! Joanna included remember!I know she will be listening! Lots of love to you Jeni. from your faithful fan Terry XXXXXXX

  8. I always thought it was Mana, as in Mana from heaven. Food of the Gods, the Angelic providence…?.. Anyhow, Jeni plenty of mana for subject matter on your Sunday show. I mean, blimey, what a month it is. My little girlie brain is all dizzy and spinning, i can hardly take it!
    JENi, i’m delighted to hear your giving your big old tree a good hugging. They all need our loving and protection right now. FANTAstic progress on the ‘SAVE OUR FOREST’ campaigns. They are branching out all over. Now tagging nearly 300thousand signs and rising rapidly.
    Then there’s the rest of it all. The world is changing rapidly. As the old styfling regimes and corruptions now begin to break down. Neanderthal man must now learn to grasp the offside rules of Evolution. It’s not easy. It’s tricky and fraught with pitfalls. And a sense of humour always helps. However, if there isn’t the emotional intelligence to decipher between jokey fun and an ‘ism.’ …Well, thank God there are plenty of strong intelligent gentlemen out there to compensate for the tarzan camp.
    Meanwhile Iam wishing and praying Peace on all troubles and turbulence.
    LOVE and LIGHT, LV.

  9. Think some of these bloggers need a lesson in punctuation, sorry, including you Jeni!!
    We should not compromise our grammar, spelling and punctuation standards.

  10. WHY do i get the feeling that ‘mumsy’ is actually a man. A man with an Enormous EGO, #probably the main reason for the divorce!!#…And very small…….drum roll please……..MINDED.
    Love and Light, LV.

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