BBC LONDON 94.9 for those of you who dont know where I am. I am doing my fourth show this Sunday with Toby Jones, the actor.
You can call 020 7244 2000 I think thats the number, twitter me, facebook me or email me at [email protected]
I have been up to me ears in paragraphs and sentences.
Today I am back in London for at least two weeks. Gods Gift will be holding down the fort and feeding the cat.
The angels are on alert to provide me with manner and the freinds and family are on hold for the funeral aftermath.
It was snowing this morning. Even the Gods are shivering.

4 thoughts on “BBC LONDON”

  1. Our thoughts are with you and the family Jeni. No snow up here in the sticks of Herts. Looking forward to hearing you on Sunday. Love to all xxhugxx

  2. Any thoughts of just giving it all up. Be in Crowborough … walk every morning in our wonderful forest. In the summer go to Ashdown at 6 am … an experience that words cannot record. Enjoy the mist. Grow veg. Potter about.
    Perhaps help with our community in what ever way you can. Be a regular.
    Just a thought.

  3. Hi Jeni, I didn’t know that you had left LBC, thought you were on holidays. I found out today that you have moved to BBC, I miss listening to your great show on LBC. Wish you best of luck with your new job and I will tune in for BBC to hear your beautiful voice and bubbly views of yours. Love

  4. Hi jeni, being away for a long time and came back 3 wks ago turnning my radio to hear you “talk to me” but alas you were gone. Googled you today after 3 miserable wks and here you are. God bless you at the point of your need.
    Miss your voice and BBC it is on sunday’s. Time pls

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