St. Bride’s

London feels so different on a Saturday. Maybe it’s because I feel relaxed.
Although this morning I woke up having had a day yesterday.
I haven’t been in my Bikram studio for three days – death, life and mothers have seriously got in the way.
Three conversations and a visit from a family of four – all before 1.00 p.m – meant I had to put gel in my hair to make me look alive. By the time the clock had struck ‘News at One’ I was hoovering up biscuit crumbs.

Drove over to Hackney. Took the daughter out shopping to the Food supermarket, all knitted hats and spelt loaves.
We had lunch in a wonderful Mexican restaurant. I had the salad in an eatible bowl, Bee didn’t.
The food was lovely, the music Latin American noisy and the waiters a thing of my past. Lunch cost four quid a piece as it was happy hour for food and it was but forty seven paces to the car.
Dropped off the offspring and sleepily drove back to Battersea.
When I got to Lower Thames Street turned off LOOSE ENDS to listen to St. Brides, the pealing bells of the hidden church was heart stopping. Ancient chimes. Hundreds of years of ears having listened to the clanging sound. For one second I was walking sheep across Southwark Bridge and wearing a raggedy skirt as I did so.
Radio 4 back on and I was jolted back into the reality of man-speak, male commentators who don’t listen to each other, talk over each other and fill the airwaves with arrogant egos.
I spent the last part of the journey in silence.
I’ve researched tomorrows guests and gulped down two huge glasses of coconut water. It’s delicious and seriously good for the old bod.
Gods Gift had a matinee and evening show, Lozzie is out so a solo Saturday night on the Thames is surrounding me.
I’m back to my home tomorrow, the cat, the bed, the soft carpets and the smell of my real life.
I love London but I need to soak in my bath at home. Green carpet, hanging plants and pitch black night. No street lamps or police sirens.
Finding a balance in life is tricky ain’t it especially when London is so enticing.
I’m off now to have cheese on toast, without the cheese and no bread…..In your dreams eh?

8 thoughts on “St. Bride’s”

  1. Jeni walking across the bridge in a ragged skirt, I have these thoughts very often, I research family history and always imagine what they look like and what they are wearing, the smells and the sights, the family I research came mainly from the Wandsworth and Battersea area many many moons ago, sometimes you mention roads where some lived. Looking forward to 9am tomorrow morning when your voice will waft across my airwaves. Love to all xxhugxx

  2. Balance ain’t everything kid. If we dodn’t topple over now and then we’d never know the fun of being on our arses or the correctness of being on our feet, Don’t knock it, but don’t worry either!
    Ah, Jen, life’s a weird thing. Worry won’t add an inch to your height, a minute to your lifespan or a comfort to your misery. Remember the begining of it all? According to your tribe and mine? In the beginning God. Not even God argues with God. I suppose i won’t either, in the end. After all, what could I say that Job didn’t. Course, his wife, now there was a haridan…!

  3. Dear Jeni,
    What a week you have had! So looking forward to hearing your voice on the radio today at nine. Unable to sleep so sending you this message. We all love you in our home, even our six year old daughter thinks your cool. Be kind to yourself Jeni.
    Love Dorothy x

  4. Jeni, I loved your show today, it was like old times. Thought Leslie was amazing, will definately go to see his show.

  5. JENI, I enjoyed your show today on BBC London. I loved your chat with Lesley Jordan. He bowled me right over, he’s just Great! Mind you, i could soften to anyone with a southern Texan drawl and a sense of humour.
    Talking of softening, your description of the bells of St Brides strike a chord with me that strokes the soul. Something that happens whenever i hear any church bell, i have a sharp intake of breath. Something about it must stirr up my cellular memory of many a past life…
    Another chord change, Ditto the Coconut Water! It balances the electrolytes in the body and hydrates every cell really fast. Have you noticed how Nature miraculously provides an answer to every inbalance in the body.
    Talking of balance, Rhianon, i like your words! As a sober soul I’ve been on my ass loads. -And your right, if i hadn’t, I’d have nothing to compare it to. I’d be a trendy little cloned sheep following the flock without an independant clear thinking thought of it’s own.
    !Christ, i can’t think of much worse than that right now. I don’t drink alcohol, but here’s a toast to falling on one’s Ass and the joys of it!…
    Love and Light, LV

  6. Jeni, I finally managed to pick up your programme yesterday on the computer link (all new to me!) and it was lovely to hear you again. Great show – I’m hooked again! Love, Pauline

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