The reason I am writing this today is to tell you, hold on a minute I just want to tell you about ‘ROLANDAS’ the best clothes shop in town. Battersea Square, Sheila, who looks like a model, growls like a panther and chooses clothes that make me drool like a baby, kitted me out for my photo shoot tomorrow.
Enough with the similies already although I do feel I might explode with energy.
It’s that friggin’ Barry bloke, never sleeps, wakes me with ideas, picks up the phone when I have a brainstorm and still won’t explain what will happen when I hit the airwaves although,

I watched a handsome young man present a programme last night about super stars on the internet. It may have something to do with that kind of thing.So I’ll be competing
with a piano playing cat whose had more hits than David Hay?
No the reason I am writing today is to tell you, well actually I’ve just sat down to write, taken off my ring as I mean bizness. I’ve only got three hours before I meet the old git at The Arcola to see something and meet his new cohorts.
Then I shall pop into the daughter and give her some crackers and that’s crispy ones not the Christmas variety. I thought I might buy a box in TKMaxx but I don’t need another pack of playing cards from Taiwan or pair of nail clippers from Seoul.
I did buy a cheap faux leopard skin coat though and a hat made in China for the shoot although I now look like a double for Joan Collins’ tarty sister, not Jacky, not Jacky…..
But the reason I am writing this is to tell you – hold on a minute I made the best green soup last night. Can’t remember what’s in it but I’ve just sprinkled over some cayenne pepper and pink Himalayan salt. I’ve slopped a little on the keyboard but ttthat’s seeems to be pokk.
No Jo, my agent, said I can now tell you that I am starting on January 9th on Radio London. Three hours every Sunday 9 -12. So you can have an early breakfast, late brunch or a pre dinner snack with me.
Came out of the blue. I am thrilled. Pays for the flat, keeps me in the flow and allows me to have the best mint tea in London in the restaurant/caff next door.
I think I will be in Broadcasting House, the very place I started 400 years ago. A medium called Batty Balcome told me forty years ago that if you stand still long enough the conveyor belt of life comes round again.
‘What’s for you won’t go past you.’ she said.
Well I haven’t stood still for long but this gig was definitely for me. I feel blessed.
So set your dial to 94.9. I have to find it too, and join me for some Sunday morning banter. I can’t wait, and neither can my memoir. So sod off and get on with your chores and we’ll talk 2morrer.

31 thoughts on “Announcement.”

  1. Jeni
    YOUR BACK!!!!
    I never doubted you wouldn’t be. I can listen to you while in bed, preparing the dinner [in the kitchen not in bed], in the bath, and all the other stuff I do on a Sunday, bliss.
    Well done you.
    As for the Barry thing I don’t understand it, portal thingy and what have you but I await with anticipation.
    Oh and four stone!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think 2011 is going to be AMAZING. Knock them dead darling girl.
    With love

  2. i am so very pleased for you. i will def be listening and i will have to pod cast steve alan who is my fav lbc presenter. let this be the proof that you are far too good for lbc

  3. So it’s going to be 94.9 …. 9-12 on a Sunday from 9th Jan.
    Looking forward to it and I will give your new venture a try.

  4. Fantastic news, Jeni. So pleased for you and for us. So Sunday morning on Radio London it is and so glad aunty has snapped you up. Onwards and upwards. x

  5. Dear Jeni. Wow how wonderful that we will be hearing your dulcet tones once more on the radio! I shall be turning the dial on about seven different radios we have in the flat here in the Hidden Hills of Putney Heath to 94.9 on Sunday 9th Jan to hear our wonderful Jeni once again doing the thing you do best! Entertaining the masses! Yeah we all love ya Jeni!congratulations are in order. Shall i send Cliff to your door to Sing it too you Jen??
    You really have cheered me up as ive been asked to go on a Coach tour today with some friends Margaret and Roy from Battersea and southfields. we are going to a Hotel in Sandown isle of Wight and its going to take 8 hours on the coach from london. if id known that id never have said id go. as usually take the train from waterloo to pompey Harbour then the catamaran to Ryde etc! were only there 3 days comming back on the dreaded 13th Ugh! wish me luck in getting back home in one piece HaHa! Well Jeni you have lightened its affect on me because of your good news so i might get through it OK. Anyway Good Luck with your New Program jeni and All the best to you and your lovely Family for Christmas and for the New Year 2011! i feel like singing Wunderbar!! and i guess you do too and all your thousands of fans think its wunderbar!! Here endeth the German Lesson !! God Bless You Love terry XXX

  6. This is the best news……I am thrilled…well done Jeni Barnett….
    what a way to start the new year…Sunday mornings with Jeni on a London radio station…PERFECT!

  7. Yes ! Yes! Yes! she’s back !!! I knew you could do it, oh and what bliss it will be three whole hours of Jeni on a Sunday morning, what a relaxing way to start a Sunday. Very very well done you !! onwards and upwards the sky is the limit. Love to all xxhugxx

  8. Since you’re not with LBC anymore, I switched to BBC London. Seems it was the right decision. I am glad to hear you are back. Good luck with the new show!

  9. You did it girl.
    I am so pleased for you.
    I shouted out WOOO HOOO so loud my neighbours probably heard.
    Knock em dead darling.
    I knew you would be back with us one day.
    You will get so much support from us all.
    Lots of love.
    Looking forward to hearing you soon.
    Big xxx Nick

  10. Hi Jeni,
    I look for your highly entertaining blogs every day -athough I don’t email the website very often. I am so delighted to hear your good news – so many of us are thrilled that you will be back on the radio again. Well done you – you have such a fighting spirit.
    Never forget you have a lot of loyal support out here in the ether!
    Have fun

  11. Hello Jeni,
    Great news, I’m so pleased for you. What a great start to 2011.
    This means then that you can also keep the flat which is brilliant
    Hymie xx

  12. Dear Jeni,
    Got mixed up and sucked in to R4. Thought it was 12-3 so tuned in only to hear Tony Blackburn. Gosh I know we all change but your not Tony Blackburn. Anyway I missed you and so hope it went well for you.

  13. Dear Jeni,
    I have just learned that you will be back on the radio soon,
    I have really missed you keeping me company during the day, my afternoons have been empty, really looking forward to reconnecting in the new year.
    Jane xx

  14. What GREAT news. I can’t wait to listen to you again, giving the world around you a positive spin. So many other presenters look at life with a black heart and that’s not something we can say about you.
    Welcome back Jeni BONKERS Barnett.
    Lots of love
    Billy xxx

  15. Have you ever visited a blog and got really interested in the content that was been written that you bookmarked the blog and visited it again and again.

  16. Happy New Year, Jeni!
    Just seen some comments you are back on radio! So thrilled!
    Please, let us now which radio station, when, etc etc
    I even think you must have your own radio, to gather beautiful people together, as LBC is nearly all as ugly now as this witch who took your place at 1pm.
    All the best in the New Year
    Lots of love.

  17. I have found it:”January 9th on Radio London, 94.9. Three hours every Sunday 9 -12.”
    Was too overwhelmed and missed at 1st attempt.
    How wonderful!
    I was sure Providence would take care as such a talent cannot be left without an audience.
    But honestly, LBC became so ugly, it is not the right place for you, Jeni, any more. They are just too ugly to be with: I.Dale, P.Hosken, that ever bullying Whale, etc etc…Take Anthony with you, he is such a beautiful soul.

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