Gandhi thighs

On Friday The Barry and I will be filming the second bit of our new thingy that we’ll be putting on the whatsit when the doodah is ready.
Today I caught up on all the things I couldn’t do because of the snow, laziness, funerals and the like.
I climbed out of my two fluffy duvets when Jim left for the Arcola. He was wrapped up like a gnome, kissed me goodbye and set off for the 170.
I jumped out of bed, even though it was a nest of cosiness, just in case Lozzie locked me in. Lozzie, however, is not like the last girl who had about as much thought for her fellow roomies as a dead mouse.

My day so far:
Hot water and lemon.
Hot water and lemon.
Three phone calls.
My green smoothie.
Washing in…
An hours work-out with weights, balls and chairs. I’ve got wobbly arms and Gandhi thighs now….
20 minutes with a face thingy that my beautician suggested I buy three thousand years ago. A small battery current runs through two prongs on a machine that looks like somethIng from ANNE SUMMERS, and is meant to make the skin flawless. Ha Ha….
Joy of joys because I had the lemon in the hot water I didn’t have to add it to the avocado and other ingredients, so as I write I’m slurping the second of my very delicious green sludge that is sweet not sour.
I’m now doing me admin. This afternoon I am writing. Yes I’m in my woolley socks and pj’s even though the sun is enticing me out to play but I ain’t going nowhere.
Washing out.
If I get enough done I am going to a screening tonight in Holborn.
Otherwise I have to finish CHRISTOPHER FOWLERS autobiography PAPERBOY. A sweet, informative, juicy read. I’m interviewing him on Friday for that second leg of our shoot for the website/portal/BBC/[email protected] thingy.
When I see Barry I will be able to learn, parrot fashion, what I can tell you about our project. Right now it’s a bit like me trying to explain how to re-wire gas…..

5 thoughts on “Gandhi thighs”

  1. Great news about your portal thingy. You can also express your political views without interference from above. Because you’re the one in charge. Yay. Well done.
    Fab to see Kirsten is back and fab that you’re on the way back x
    Mind you there was never any doubt of you bouncing back, you’re like one of those Russian dolls that never falls over, (but thinner than them of course).
    lovenhugs xxxx Fee

  2. Ohh Jeni… I am so pleased. I know you and everyone will think this odd, but I feel uncomfortable reading your blogs. I am not a friend or even an aquaintance, but I have checked in a few times since you left LBC because I missed you. 1-4 was always a good time to hear real life people talking about real life thangs…(sic) So knowing you are going to be back doing what you do so well has made me feel so much better. Good luck Jeni, I wish you well. x

  3. JENI, We are looking forward to the details… the re-wiring of the gas, with you, Barry and Ghandi’s thighs!!
    Love and Light,

  4. Well I couldn’t think of anyone other than Barry with whom to do your ‘thingy’. Ah the Pheonix, the noise, the mischief, the chips and the falling down water. It’s a haven below ground where plans are hatched and side-splitting gossip keeps tears in our eyes and friendships reaffirmed. Go, go, go Jeni.

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