Bill knocked at 8.00, brought in his industrial strength drain cleaner and proceeded to battle the bulge in the kitchen u-bend.
Bill won.
My feet are cold. But I am going to wrap up warm and walk to Victoria.

Since leaving LBC it’s been a mission trying to get some kind of routine but it is finally emerging.
Writing all day.
Jungle for an hour.
Panic for ten minutes.
Over the last few days I have been putting various other practices into play. SO it’s
Panic for five minutes.
Actually I am not as manic as I thought I was. Troughs in life are inevitable, at my age sinking into them is rather like a warm mud bath. Better that than doing an ‘Alice in Wonderful’ down the hole jobby.
I’ve put the heating on, made porridge with cinnamon had a HOT shower now I’m heading off to Farringdon for a day of creativity and optimism.
I’m having trouble dealing with Gove, Osborne, May and the Wedding. I don’t trust them or it….As for Ireland and Portugal one is having a general strike theother isn’t. We await developments.

8 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr!”

  1. Didn’t know you had a brother, Jeni. Lucky you!
    I’ve never meditated. Or panicked. Have I had a dull life, do you think? Could be that working where I do cures people of panic! Very little startles me these days.
    Hiya Kirsten. The weekend was fine, thanks. I’m getting more accustomed to life without Ma. It’ll never be normal, but there you go. We all go through it. It’s my turn now. But thanks.

  2. Well you had a much more productive day than I have today, awoke with a very painful back, which for some reason now and again meant my left leg simply vanished and I headed rapidly towards the floor !!! thankfully we have a friendly physio who sorted me out this afternoon. Porridge with cinnamon sounds wonderful must try it. Wrap up warm theres snow acomin ! love to all xxhugxx

  3. I’ve got that ‘batten down the hatches’ pre-snow feeling, my feet are cold. The broadband is working but the landline phone is dead – not sure how that can be?? Rhianon might have to book me in for a session! Fed up and signing off from essex…
    Love with a little less light,LV

  4. Dear Jeni.Your right it is darned cold now 0 degrees in London this morning. I hope all is going well at your new office in Farringdon? I and many others of your clan of fans are wondering what surprises we will be hearing from you soon as you embark on this new venture! and also it sounds interesting that you may be using Capital Studios again in this new venture. It must hold Happy memories for you Jeni after doing so many live casts from there with GFL. I too have happy memories of the place as its where i did two recording sessions there with Andrew Nutter when i cooked with him on Remote Control Cooking! a show which unfortunately only lasted one season but i enjoyed it and it was fun!
    Im off dowm to Putney High St now as i need to shop in Waitrose in the Exchange there and nip into Waterstones and have a Gingerbread latte and a Black Forest Cup Cake in there Costas cafe! love it there as im always treated as a Celeb and VIP wonderful team there!
    Well Jeni. I wish you all the luck in the world with your new project and may it prove really successful for you. Much love as always Your Hidden Hills of Putney Heath friend Terry XXX

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