Caterpillar smoothie

It’s Saturday in London.
Somehow the energy always feels different to a weekday.
The sky is a hard blue with brillo-pad clouds.
I’ve done my exercises, pulling in my stomach as best I can after a night of flax crackers.
I’ve tidied my bedroom.
Put the washing in.
Made a smoothie of kale, chard and red bell pepper.
Got dressed, sat down to write my blog and there, sitting on my right shoulder was a green caterpillar, I bought my greens from an organic shop.
The poor green wriggly thing is somewhere rolled up in a ball as I brushed it off my shoulder with such force it’s probably turned into a bitter, butterfly before its time. It’s now a bitterfly.
I only hope I haven’t blended his whole family in with my breakfast.
I’m off now to do Saturday things – which is anything that doesn’t include sitting in front of a microphone talking.
You have a good day.

1 thought on “Caterpillar smoothie”

  1. Brillo-pad clouds? Yeah. I like that. Poor little catterpillar! Bug smoothie. Bluebottle stew…. Moth terrine…nah, making myself queasy now.

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