Oy Story 1

This morning I left early. I put on white trousers, that are now way to big, a white t-shirt that within two minutes was smeared with lipstick whilst putting it over my head, my Nike Free 3 trainers that make my feet smell like a rotten silage barn, and a Moschino jacket that now fits me. I bought it 8 years ago in a designer sale in Debenhams. It has come right back into fashion….
I had a lime green bag swung over my shoulder, I think it belonged to an ex-lodger, at least I don’t remember buying it and I was ready for anything.
I got to St. Mary’s Church by the river and there they were.
20 geese a gawking. Looking out over the Thames, waiting for something to happen. Their heads turned in every direction of the compass. I worried in case it was an odd number thinking if geese pair for life and there’s only 19 somebody has copped it.
As it turned out my 20 geese were all in tact. Preening themselves, paddling about and generally looking like they belonged.

No buses for me today I had left enough time to walk in at variant speeds so that I would hit LBC Towers in time for my pre-record with Lee Unkrich, the director of ‘Toy Story 3.’
As it turned out he was late, I was early so I went to the Indian store and bought a bag of almonds and a bag of pumpkin seeds. The idea of them always makes me sick but after chewing them for a bit I like ’em.
I went into a little studio to do the interview. Mr. L.U. is lovely, I tried to talk about the film without giving anything away.
At the end of the interview he took out a dolly, one of the characters of the film, Lee’s favourite character. I had to hold the tiny baby doll whilst he took a photograph on his telephone. Every single person who has interviewed him is now on his mobile holding the baby. I have starred in one of Lee Unkrich’s films….
Then I fannied around getting the show together and of course, finished early. So I left the studio and went to Gaby’s deli.
Back in 1979 when I was at The Wyndhams Theatre playing in ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’, it was my job to buy the salt-beef sandwiches. I can still remember the taste.
Today I had a carton of five salads which I took back to nosh during James O’Briens show.
Then I sat with Lauren in the canteen to talk about mother/daughter relationships and to compliment her on her hair.
The show went from 1-4, as it always does. The gremlins were in. The travel bulletin went wrong three times. There were more cock-ups than at a Katy price party, but d’ya know what I was too tired to worry. The kind of tiredness that enables you to have the least the resistance.
After the show I took the 19 bus to Battersea Bridge and waked in the wind by the river. Red, white, yellow and pink roses spilled out from peoples gardens. Today I smelt them, deeeeelicious, especially the pink ones they smelt of sherbert.
Took my clothes off the moment I stepped into the flat, talked to a friend on skype for ages, then decided to unload my day here on my blog.
I am going to make a huge salad, then settle down for some telly. I am sad tonight it’s Johnathan Ross’s last show.
It’s bed then, or I may drive back home I haven’t decided yet.
Whatever, my gander is giving his ‘As You Like It.’ in Norwich so this silly goose will have to spend the weekend on her own. It’s ok because there are several things I want to see including Leo De Caprio and Hofesh Shechter at Sadlers Wrells.
You have a lovely Saturday.

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