Ten Days That Shook My World

First of all let me say thank you for your messages.
I AM FINE. Although the last ten days have been more than a little testing
It’s been mechanical mash up, daughter mash up, emotional mash up, not to mention the old git’s absence which didn’t help.
Tonight, at 21.22, B is watching big Brother, her friend Shabby is in it, the only reason for watching such a pile of pooh.
The french doors are open and we are being invaded by green flies from the river, the dishes need washing, the rugs need hoovering, the basket of ironing is staring at me all creased and needy. But I did wash the dirty sheets and towels.
Its amazing how one 23 year old daughter can make so much mess just by breathing….
Anyway I’ve hung out the wet laundry on the clothes horse on the balcony am about to water the herbs and window boxes but have resisted tidying away B’s dog-ends from the balcony table, because they stink…
Actually finally everything feels like its getting back to normal. The ‘oosbind is back on Sunday and B’s back is mending nicely thanks to Naval the genius cranial osteopath and Monica my acupuncturist. 14 needles later and a lot of Naval osteopathy and she’s not listing to the left like a drunken midshipman..
But it feels like something is in the air, earlier, as I climbed out of my taxi from Oxford Street, I was accosted by my upstairs neighbour.

‘I’m an author.’ he said ‘And I want to give you a book.’
‘Why?’ I asked.
‘To apologise.’
‘What for?’ I was curious now.
‘For all the dripping.’
And by that Gary, my upstairs neighbour did not mean beef fat. His daughters shower is directly above my bedroom. I have experienced the Japanese water torture of her teenage ablutions.
‘Oh! Don’t worry about that.’ I said
‘No, I think you would like the book.’ he said as he picked up his bike and I stumbled up the stairs to our communal front door.
‘I wrote it.’ was his departing shot.
I went to empty my post box whilst writing this and Gary had delivered his masterwork.
My upstairs neighbour who has dripped water on me for at least two years has written a book and I didn’t even know he existed. The endorsements all say the book is brilliant, it looks like it could be a life changer.
I wonder whether Gary knows I’m on LBC, it makes no never mind I’m delighted to have been given his gift.
Now the last ten days have included, acid reflux, a hemorrhaged disc, an idiot doctor prescribing anxiety inducing drugs, no sleep, high blood sugar, a broken computer hub, an absent husband, an ailing mother, a lousy budget, a tricky step daughter, a poisonous ex-wife, an empty bank account, exile from my home, a plague of green fly a carbunkle and mozzy bites on my bum.
Thank God for Dr. Sarah and husband Troy who put me back together and mended my computer.
If you hadn’t pointed out that I hadn’t blogged FOR TEN DAYS I might still be in the pit of despond. As it is you shocked me back to life. THANK YOU.
As I write the old git is being entertained in a wooden house in Norway, the daughters back is mending, I’m half way up the mountain of my health, and tomorrow is Friday.
I have a meeting with one of the nicest blokes I’ve met in years, he’s from Birmingham, has a television production company, is as sharp as a pin, he utterly gets me, he’s real, he’s funny, he listens, he’s gay and he’s all mine…..Rupert Everett eat your heart out….
B also has two meetings tomorrow that could turn her life around. If she trusts her intuition all will be well.
I trust that the time is right for me to go to bed.
I’m happy to be back.

6 thoughts on “Ten Days That Shook My World”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    I’ve been away for a few weeks so have only just read about your difficulties. Glad all is now returning to normal. Hope all goes with with the guy from the production company (it’s about time you had some good news career wise) you could do the odd stint on the X factor panel for Danni!
    Have a lovely weekend and say hello to the green fly for me, I’ve got some of their relatives living with me at the moment!!
    David xx

  2. Dear Jeni. Welcome Back Again!! What a relief all round to hear that B is better now and youve attacked the first of the washing before jim the Oosbind gets back from treading the boards in Norway! I do hope that you both have a wonderful weekend together probably at the cottage or if too tired up at the flat. Ive got an early flight tommorrow for my break in Malibu but when i get there i shall be thinking of you as i relax on the beach at the Colony! Much Love to you and all your family Jeni! From Terryxx

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