Election night

Have just come in from The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. The ‘oosbind and I went to see FILTER theatre group doing their version of TWELTH NIGHT.
A riotous evening of music, physical theatre, good humour, the Bard, good acting and witty direction. Jim worked with them on ‘The Three Sisters’, so i felt a bit like family. They are such a lovely company of old friends, the comraderie and talent are infectious. Critics were in and even they smiled. Please get yourself down there and have a ripping evening. Kids will love it, adults will love it, the organised chaos tells the story so clearly that in the middle of mad rock music and sound effects the play stands out like a beacon. Well done them.
I am so proud that my old man is part of such a young, energetic company.
We drove back just as the first result of election night was being announced. A Labour win. The telly is on now with Joan Collins declaring love for David Cameron and Andrew Neil being ever so slightly hysterical.

Talking of Andrew’s. I had a wonderful conversation with Andrew Lincoln, he of the cleft chin, wavy hair, and delicious voice. Okay Tracy so I was flirting, but at my age that’s just about as much wind as I can muster. But he flirted back and that made an old lady VERY happy.
He has a new series coming out on SKY1, an adrenalin filled testosterone laden daft series of guns, macho and Lincoln, and I don’t mean the old American president.
Jim is on his computer eating ‘Hoola Hoops’, that’s him not the lap top, I’m pyjamaed up ready to dig in until my eyes close, and then its a short show tomorrow when the political pundits start analysing why some people couldn’t get to vote, some people couldn’t wait to vote and some people didn’t want to vote.
Some times I think that the political game is worse than the football league. All speculation and bluff.
I’m off now to nick the armchair in front of the telly and to listen to yet more tedious speculation…..