Battersea this side and that

Yesterday was the Kings Road. Lunch in ‘Pauls’ hot milk with a dash of hazelnut syrup, a baguette and a shared pear flan.
We bought gifts for some but not all.
Today was Northcott Road. Lunch in an Italian. Earl Grey tea and a salad, an irish coffee and an Imperial mint. We bought gifts for others but not all.
The difference between North and South Side – Chelsea is wealthy, fancy, expensive and Caucasian.
Clapham is arty, homely, cheap and Afro-Carribean amongst other things.
I love TKMAX at the Junction, I love John Lewis in Sloane Square.
I love the noise of the south and the shoes of the north.
I love both sides. I am lucky to live equidistant from both.
The fact is we spent as much money on either side of the bridge and I still have 37 people to buy for. I am blessed with an extended family I just wish my bank balance could match it.
This morning I listened to Michael Caine on Desert island Discs. He made me cry. Not so much his choice of music but his self knowledge. I suppose if you are worth millions it is easier to aquaint yourself with yourself.
I have two more days at LBC then I am on holiday until January 4th. I have no idea what I’m doing, only that the goose will be cooked for Christmas day and the ham for Boxing. I am an official Godmother on the 27th and then one day left with the old git. He’s back to work and I’m in the cottage with the Matriarch.
If there’s no snow we’ll do day trips otherwise it’ll be tea and crumpets in front of the fire.
Isn’t it a bit premature to send out greetings?
If not HAVE A WONDERFUL YUEL TIDE to all my delightful bloggers. If it is too early don’t read the last sentence I’ll be back on the 24th….

2 thoughts on “Battersea this side and that”

  1. hey..
    was bored and ended up here..
    i love it.. so very interesting!you are crazy girl! hahaha..
    makes me miss galavanting in london.. oh the greek restaurant by the thames.. 🙁 lol
    but i don’t think i’ll miss it now tho.. winter sucks!eww
    been readin your recent posts..
    aww..don’t be sad.. or worried or depressed..
    everything will work out.. as it should.. as it Will.. as it always does…
    just thought i might share this..
    so… i was in london for a while.. but i came back to my little island.. and i’ve been soo totally bonkers..
    In to the Sane.. hahaha.
    really tho.. 🙁 twas sad..
    and i asked for a sign..
    and i got it..
    i got.. exactly. what. i. asked. for….
    nothing material.. and something soo.. infinitely IMPOSSIBLE….. =\
    it was soo.. EERIE and incredible.. even my aunt got goosebumps.. lol
    that a “jezebel” like me.. got a .. miracle..
    anways.. so i was totally crazy happy for the entire day..
    i could breathe again..
    first time in months..
    that night we went to drop my aunt home…
    and it’s this image that’s imprinted on my soul… that i’d like to share…
    so the car broke down int he middle of the road.. in the middle of the highway.. int he middle of the night..
    D.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s. much!!!
    but so beautiful.. pretty sky.. and the coconut tress dressed in streetlight :)!!
    but i knew.. it would work out..
    and the car was finally fixed… one hour later..
    but i kept hearing this noise… and i got scared.. this loud tocktocking..
    i was scared..
    (btw.. keep in mind, it was a QUIET midnight scene.. nothing stirring except us)
    but thankfully the car started..and as my mother triumphantly made a u-turn.. i saw FIREWORKS in the sky..
    so beautiful….
    so unexpected lol
    a star that sparkled and faded 🙂 in case i forgot the first…
    so anyway..
    so matter what twists and turns you make.. there are always beautiful surprises..
    which reminds us
    Tout va s’arranger…
    everything will always work out.
    ok byee 🙂
    and happy holidays lol

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