Me and Mr. Caine.

This morning was cold. The grass, at the cottage, was covered in dewy frost.
Jim drove me to the station.
I thought we were going to miss the train in the event Jim drove back home and I was left standing by a dark waiting room.
The gates were half shut and the guards were standing in a clump by the gates.
The engineering works had overrun, a track was broken and the trains were running late or cancelled.
The crew were less than helpful. They didn’t seem to care that some of us had work deadlines. Stay calm I instructed the maniac in my head.

‘Excuse me.’ I said quietly. ‘I have a time sensitive job, I work in Radioooo….’
“Yeah, I know.’ said the guard interrupting me. ‘I’m driving this train, look when we get to Orpington, if I can, I’ll try and pick up some time’
The train left 19 minutes late, and when we got to Orpington he did indeed put his foot down. I got into LBC at 10.15
Had only been mildly irritated by the other travellers, who this morning, were mercifully quiet.
I ate a bowl of apple and peach porridge bought from a friendly enough vendor at Charing Cross, only I was not in the mood for conversation so when she asked me did I want my gruel heated up I snapped. Poor girl she was only trying to help.
Walked across Trafalgar Square chowing down on my oats.
Arrived at work to be thrust straight into an interview with a boy I had met in the lift. He had a lumberjack shirt on and a grey hat, you know the wooly ones that certain boys wear, hanging off the back of their heads making ’em look really cool as well as keeping their ears warm. The lift boy was in fact JAMES MORRISON, lovely lad. We talked about his songs The ‘X Factor’ and then he left. I then had to wait in the queue to talk to SIR MICHAEL CAINE. Sir is lovely, he asked me to sit on his knee for our photo together. We talked about the ‘Peters Principle’ – rising to the level of our own incompetence.
Tonight I am ruminating on trust.
If they airbrush every young woman they come across all pictures are lies.
If ‘JEdward’ win ‘X Factor’ then popular music is a lie
The young are being pushed and pulled, manipulated and marketed by cynical, greedy, money grubbing wolves.
It concerns me that we no longer know where to turn for real advice. Everybody is in it for something. I talked about nuclear power on todays show. TESLAR created some kind of electrical dynamo jobby with the sun. It cost nothing and resulted in humankind having free electricity. When the geezers who worked him realised they weren’t going to make anything out of it they pulled the plug and scrapped the scheme. When are we going to live in a World where greed, and greedy people, are made to hand over the power to decent individuals?
Next week I am having a week off. Gardening and polishing, dusting and cleaning, sprucing and shopping, sleeping and silence, I need them all.
This evening I met Laurie and Jessie, who are taking the spare room for a while. I have known Laurie since he was a foetus, he is young, open, fun and delightful. Jessie is gentle, beautiful and a perfect match for the boy. I have been blessed, especially after the young girl who has just left….
I am up for an 8.00 recording, Goody Suzall will turn up with her tape recorder and we will complete the final part of our second audio book. ‘RISK IT FOR A BISCUIT’. When it’s out in proper audio book form you will be the first to know.

4 thoughts on “Me and Mr. Caine.”

  1. X Factor, schmeck factor. Cowell is in it for the ratings. X Factor has nothing to do with talent spotting and everything to do with accumulating money for Mr Cowell and his cohorts. He is a very clever man indeed and has spread his ‘brand’ worldwide, creating one hit wonders in every country.
    Nice to hear from Kirsten and glad you’re well enough to travel around K!
    Luvnhugs to y’all

  2. Hi Jeni,
    Last night I watched the final part of ‘Naked Britain’ Dr Jack Lewis went into LBC studios and suddenly you appeared on screen! It was a very nice surprise to see you on TV again,you look great and very slim too! I’m glad you kept your clothes on though because you have mentioned you do like to do your cleaning in the nudey…
    X Factor is way past it’s sell by date, I think? It’s the same boring thing as last year and the year before that. Sick to death of listening to the same TRIPE from both Cowell and Walsh. Danni and Cheryl are the only two I feel are worth listening to, at least they do sing! I don’t believe X Factor knows what it should be anymore and why it’s spread over two nights is beyond me. Take care and enjoy your weeks holiday.
    Hymie x

  3. Hope this morning was a lot less stressful for you Jeni. I enjoyed your interview with Sir Michael & you look GORGEOUS!!
    I did see ‘Uncle Vanya’ on Saturday night & it was interesting. Good cast & I enjoyed the Old Git’s ‘Telegin’, but I still don’t like Chekhov & I can’t explain why. Think I need to study his plays more & try to work out what my issue is.
    Hi Fee, thanks for the kind words. I agree with you about the X Factor & I’m proud to say I have never watched it. That doesn’t mean I’m able to avoid it unfortunately, it’s bloomin’ everywhere – grrrr!!! Hope you’re having a good week.

  4. I’m with you, Kirsten. I’ve never watched it. I don’t watch much telly but I did see some of the Ronnie Corbett interview the other night. What a nice man.

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