For Mr. T

I met up with Nick Thorogood, quite by chance at The Ivy. He was there with his partner, an ex-teacher and a publisher.
I perched on the arm of his hair, snaffled his olives – his partner said nothing -and chewed over old times.
Mr. T was responsible for the relaunching of my career, a huge amount of fun and creating the fabulous ‘Good Food Live’.
When my date turned up I continued to hug Nick’s seat – his partner didn’t bat an eyelid – popped in a couple of his nuts, spicy cashews, and then left to talk over supper.

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Mr.Max takes me out

The Doctor at the Ivy When we are both full blown And the sipping of the hedgerow sling whilst its dripping on my gown. The rising of the sun and the thanking of the cook And the downing of yet more gin slings Before its time to sling our hook. The Doctor at the Ivy … Read more


I took the 4.15 train to Hastings, Jim met me at Tunbridge Wells station. We had intended doing the Friday night curry thing but in the event I was still husky and hoarse and the first thing that called when I entered the cottage were my pyjamas.
Cancelled all of Saturday, after buying yet more remedies for my ailing body. Jim and I bought supper from the farmers market and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and sleeping in the garden.
Saturday night is now taken up with ‘Strictly Come Prancing’ and The ‘L’ Factor, recording and channel hopping, which is why it’s become the Hell factor. Did you read the Beeb could be fined for re-scheduling Saturday night. As always the public suffer when decisions are made behind closed doors.

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The Husky returns

I took the bus and tube to work this morning. I had no idea whether my voice was going to give out on me but in the end it was okay.
I woke up sounding like a bird had nested on my vocal chords.
In the event the crows flew away.
I had to talk to our sales team. Johnathan Richards, my boss, asked me questions and I husked my way through it.
I had to keep explaining myself since most of the people present weren’t born when I was in the middle of my first mid-life crisis.
I have decided to have a proper photo shoot so that I have a new set of pics. The ones being taken of me at the moment make me look older than Golder Meir – and she’s been dead 30 years….

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Hoarse face

I took the bus and tube to work this morning. I had no idea whether my voice was going to give out on me but in the end it was okay. I woke up sounding like a bird had nested on my vocal chords. In the event it was okay. I had to talk to … Read more

Who Nose…

22.36 My throat is sore. My eyes are rheumy. My nose is so stuffed up I sound like a bunged up school boy. I had a great Sunday. Collapsed on Monday. Worse on Tuesday. Nearly buried on Wednesday. The bank account calls so I will be back at LBC tomorrow sounding like a Basso Profondo … Read more

Dorchester Doodlings

I tried to put new batteries in my flat phones. By that I mean apartment phones not horizontal ones…..
Got back from the Dorchester and the batteries had leaked acid everywhere. So now I have no phones at all.
Got the step ladder out of the utility room, scuffed my knuckles and tore the skin off my left thumb.
Climbed aloft and riffled through bags and boxes and finally found a bag containing two new phones, where they come from is a mystery.
Please understand; Me and instructions are not happy bed fellows. Normally the ‘oosbind would read the small print and I would take advantage. Tonight though I was on my own….

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Rain on my parade…..

I’m toying with putting the boiler on. My feet are freezing even though I am wearing little white knitted sippers. My fingers are frozen, I refuse to resort to mittens and my nose has a cold tip like Jackson used to have.
I’ve eaten two bowls of salad, done my emails, eaten half a tub of blueberry yogurt – the soya kind surprisingly good – sorted out my twitter – made myself a green drink to get the acid out of my body, and talked to Hollywood, Uckfield, Monmouthshire and Hackney.
I have to finish reading Mr. Frisby’s book for tomorrow and then set about sleeping.

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I love the NOLANS

Today I faced my own demons only to find that they were nothing but vain imaginings in my head. I LOVE THE NOLANS. they came into the studio and sang a cappella so beautifully the hairs stood up on my arms. I have started to fight back, every time a bully has a go at … Read more

a gum deal

I came into London on the 9.36 train having been to the dentist. 5 Nurofen later my mouth still felt like a wild pony had kicked me in the New Forest. Sounds like an anatomical euphemism. The show was not as hard as I thought it was going to be what with my mouth and … Read more