I love the NOLANS

Today I faced my own demons only to find that they were nothing but vain imaginings in my head.
I LOVE THE NOLANS. they came into the studio and sang a cappella so beautifully the hairs stood up on my arms.
I have started to fight back, every time a bully has a go at me either on twitter, Facebook or LBC I respond. Takes a bit of courage I can tell you, slowly but surely I will weed out the mendacious little creeps and get my dignity back.
I LOVE THE NOLANS, hurrah for real people with talent.

5 thoughts on “I love the NOLANS”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Just wanted to say think of all the people who love and respect you and save your energy for them, don’t waste it on people who for whatever reason want to act the way they do. The ONLY person you have any control over is you, if people want to bully /criticise you can’t change that but what you do have control over is your reaction. So my advice to you is ignore, that will p*** them off even more!
    A list of people who love and respect you:
    Family & friends, Me, Marmite, Chrissie, Kirsten
    Fee, Tess,Hymie, Christian, Pauline Jones, and loads more.
    So stay just as you are, perfect.
    Love June

  2. Dear Jeni
    Hurrah for you! Loving the blog. Can’t see why some people can’t let go of things. (Paul, you know what I mean.)
    Jeni, always remember that when someone takes a pot-shot at you, there are thousands and thousands of people out here in tv/radio/internet-land who feel it too and we are always there to support you.

  3. Hello June,
    Well said, you speak for us all, we’re a great bunch of people on here and when the going gets tough we all stick together!
    Hymie x

  4. Well said June I reckon if you ignore them they’ll soon find someone else to bully!
    I’ve got my ticket for The Nolans in Cardiff on Oct 16th I CAN’T WAIT
    Love ya bunches Jeni
    Marmite xx

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