Who Nose…

My throat is sore.
My eyes are rheumy.
My nose is so stuffed up I sound like a bunged up school boy.
I had a great Sunday.
Collapsed on Monday.
Worse on Tuesday.
Nearly buried on Wednesday.
The bank account calls so I will be back at LBC tomorrow sounding like a Basso Profondo in the back row of an amateur production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Trial by Jury’.
I should be watching a film by Julian Fellowes, but the CD has skipped and danced in the computer, wont play on the proper DVD machine. I have finally had enough of the computer telling me what it’s doing. Cos what it’s not doing is playing the bleedin’ film.
My home number has been changed because the old git wants a new server and what with Mercury in Retrograde it means all forms of technological communication are scuppered. It may mean nothing to those of us who have no relationship to the planets, but let me tell you if I ever get hold of Mercury I’ll show him what Retrograde means with a swift kick up Uranus.
I’m going to bed to blow my nose and snort my way through until Thursday, when hopefully, I will sound less like Bryn Terfel and more like a ladee.
Thnigh thingh to you all thleepp well.

4 thoughts on “Who Nose…”

  1. Apparently – this is the 4th time this year that Mercury has been in retrogade. Most unusual. My astrology guru tells me that it’s not looking too rosy. Explains why we are all stumbling through this year …
    Let’s all link hands across the ether and give each other strength and purpose to get through.
    Lyn xx

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