Staying Focussed

My life is slowly returning to normal.
Jim goes home today.
Bank Holiday Monday came and went.
Now I just need to start writing again.
Remaining consistent, holding onto my discipline, not back tracking.
Gawd Blimy it’s hard.
Any tips?

1 thought on “Staying Focussed”

  1. Well, there is no trick to it. Its just a matter of thinking of writing as your REAL job. You go off to LBC every day ‘cos its a REAL job so set times and hours for writing and try and stick to it.
    I am writing about 4000 words each week these days and it feels like a full time job…blimey, it IS as full time job! But its a mindset.
    You succeed, Jeni, at all you do and writing will be no different. If you want it bad enough you’ll do it. You know you can or you would not have started.

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