Gawd Blimey O’Riley….

I know it’s a disgrace.
For some reason my rhythm has gone.
This blog will appear again on Monday April 20th.
I dare not promise just in case THE WAR HORSE is so good I cant bring myself to write anything about it.
It has been one Gawd Blimey of a week. From Easter to burglary, from madness to weakness.
I have had two tumblers of fizzy red shiraz and a whole lot of thank you letter writng not to mention the lamenting of my broken stereo. I have to play my music very loudly in the bedroom for me to hear it in the sitting room. My little red car is sitting in a lonely garage in Kent waiting for the insurance company to come up trumps, all this as all three daughters are tired and emotional.
I need a very long (paid) holiday in St. Lucia so that I can tan and think at the same time.
I am very happy to be alive but Gawd blimey…..
Sometimes I think it would be easier to be a starling picking at the worms.
night night

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