Wild Garlic on mothers day

Today I walked the orchard.
Through the apple and pear trees.
Over the style and I swear I could feel Jackson. I sat on the wooden cross bar and hung my head. The tears behind my eyelids were ready to burst like the buds.
Down the hill, round the stream, and there was the wild garlic I had gone looking for.
Tender green leaves, my fingers still smell from picking a handful by the waters edge. I am about to eat them in a salad.
Back to the cottage and I mowed the lawn. Every daisy went the way of the rest of the cuttings. The lawn looked neat and shapely.

I made Mothers Day breakfast. Herby chippolatas, bacon, airy-scrambled eggs and fresh coffee. I had my bacon and sausage in a crisp, rustic roll.
I gave my mother Jaffa cakes, sunflower seeds to grow and a pot of something or other that looks like an artists palette but is called ‘Penis on A Plate’.
Jim, me and the old girl sat in the garden, he with wine, she with lemonade and me with fruit. The sun caught her cheeks and I took my shoulders off so I could get some sort of colour for Croydon.
I drove my mother back to her home in Herts, then 45 minutes later I was in the flat. My daughter had already arrived with a beautiful bunch of purple and blue anenomes, a bar of chocolate and a card that said ‘I Love My Mummy’. We had a chat, a cuddle and off she went to the pub wth her girlfriend.
I put on the tv and watched a wonderful documentary about BAROQUE paintings, then spoke at great length on the telephone with my delicious nephew, and now I’m preparing for the ‘No 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ whilst eating my raw garlic salad before doing some more writing.
The flat is quiet, but next week is all birthdays, dentists, shows and parties.
Well you’re only 3 score years the once.
Pooh! I must get the smell of garlic off my fingers before I’m 60.

4 thoughts on “Wild Garlic on mothers day”

  1. Hi,Jeni. Firstly, Happy Birthday! I also thought the description of your walk was very moving.
    I managed to listen to your Birthday show today (great show as always – I am so pleased for you) and just want to agree that it is awful that the England Women’s World Cup winners were not given any publicity – well, just an obligitory mention in the news but nothing that warrents their achievement in winning out in Australia. I was hopoing their win would help get young girls interested in playing cricket but alas, as you say, women’s sport is not given any media attention. I watched it and I was very impressed with the fitness and technique of all the countries playing out there.
    I was also surprised to hear that you have now embraced Twitter and Facebook. You really are taking it all on now, aren’t you! I wonder if you had any reservations? I’m sorry if you wrote about it in one of your blogs and I missed it.
    Take care, Prestwich Sue

  2. I was on Good Food Live several times and you were wonderful pushing my books. Now I have another one and I just looked up in the Internet to see the show is no longer on! I am really shocked. Do hope you are doing another one! Love to hear from you again.

    Congratulations on your 60th birthday Jeni.
    Have a wonderful day, weekend, month, year.
    Love June

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