The night before Barakaday

It’s all slowly revealing itself. Today the show was grown up and informative. Took a taxi home too tired to walk. Although this morning I found another route to South Kensington Station. I could hear myself chuntering to myself as I walked new streets.. Tonight I leapt into my pj’s and settled down with Jim … Read more

Two days before inaugeration day.

Made the guest list for my 60th. Found the venue. Sorted the invites. Travelled back from the cottage in my pyjamas. Bought just the one Sunday newspaper. Put in the washing,. Blitzed the cottage. Tidied the flat and now I’m curling up for Sunday evening. night night.

Excuses I have not………

Yes know I should be ashamed of myself.
I have no excuse, well actually I have, my keyboard kept jumping and missing letters, and my frustration level was so I High I wanted to scream
Yesterday morning, whilst the old git was dressing I complained yet again about the useless nature of my keyboard. May I remind you that I have had to paint in the ‘N’ and ‘L’ in pearlised nail varnish as I’ve worn away the letters. Why the ‘N’ and ‘L’ should give up the ghost I’llllllllll NNNNNNNNNNNNever Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow.
There he was semi naked studying my keyboard when I saw the light bulb ping over his head.
A good old fashioned 60 watt light bulb may I add, anyway he turned the keyboard over, opened a flap and took out two batteries.
He replaced them with two new ones and before you could say will you go and put some underpoants on, I was up and running, well up and typing.

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The Groucho Club, in Dean Street, is my actors club.
Bernie makes life sweet, he hugs me in reception and makes me feel like Lisa Minnelli.
I took Pammie and Paul, who are over from new York. I had a coffee they had wine.
We then went to my favourite Chinese restaurant in China town and had ‘margerine prawns’ which sound offensive but taste divine.
We had a meal for two because the meal for three would have been too much, after which I grabbed a taxi and came home in the fog.

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twitter or be damned

Cirque Soleil, Sunset Boulvevard two totally different experiences. One was big, in the Albert Hall, acrobats, ropes and headless overcoats, the other small, intimate with a team of actor musicians who somehow managed to make love whilst holding a trumpet. Both recommended. I am,understandably, ready to put on my pyjamas and start work on THE … Read more