Zeit who?

Zeitgeist: the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period.
The spirit of our time.
The Zeitgeist, as I write, is uncertainty.
Politicians blaming each other.
Money lenders counting their gains behind closed doors.
Even the scientists in New Delhi, having sent their first rocket to the moon, are being haranged by their countries poorest people.
‘Whilst you visit the moon, we haven’t a grain of rice to rub together.’ they call.
Why today, even I cracked whilst eating salad off a fork. I have used a fork for nigh on 60 years but today the Zeitgeist got to me too.
Instead of taking the fork out of my mouth as I bit down on my beetroot, my teeth met the metal tines and before you could say Zeit who? my front tooth bit the dust, well not the dust, but you know what I man. That’s another trip to the dentist.

The period just before birth is a dangerous, difficult one – out of the old comes the new and all that…
But when the Zeitgeist is fearful, painful and just a little lonely, trying to stay positive can appear fatuous and not a little condescending.
As Woody Allen said;
‘Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable’,
and yet I will not allow myself to slide into the pit of despond.
As long as there is a heart-beat there is hope. Or as the fabulous Johnny Mercer wrote:
You’ve got to ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive
Elim-my-nate the negative
Latch onto the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.
And on that note from 1944 I will retire to my bed……….

2 thoughts on “Zeit who?”

  1. It is interesting how those that have it always use fear to make those without it feel bad.
    Time I think to change this….
    If we all refuse to feel bad, while still being aware that we have to make better what is bad, we will win.
    Or as they say in Yorkshire..don’t let the BASTARDS get ya!

  2. Hallo Jeni
    You are so right about the left turn once over the bridge. Real people just going about their day. How can one road (the Kings Rd) be so different? My daughter lives in the real bit and I love it there. Mind you the other end (the poser end) is great for people watching over a cup of coffee!
    Hope the tooth survives.
    Love June

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