From Camelot to Cornwall.

Today Sanjeev Bhaska talked about his role in SPAMALOT.
I went last night with BB to see the show. I always thought the Palace theatre was huge. Actually it’s quite small and sweet with wonderful ceilings.
There were two hysterical moments in the evning and Sanjeev was totally charming on stage.

Tonight I drove to the Hampseatd Theatre. Its right by Swiss Cottage tube and makes me feel like a teenager. I wanted to go to drama school there, only I cocked up the interview and failed to get a place.
The audience look like rent-a-crowd for a NW3 evening. Which given that Hampstead Theatre is in NW3 it’s not surprising. Eastern Europeans from Vienna, actors, intellectuals and greyhaired women who are so well preserved I wanted to ask what they were on.
The play ‘ON THE ROCKS’ by AMY ROSENTHAL was a four hander about DHLawrence, his wife and two friends, set in Cornwall. It was clever, funny, touching and bright. I interviewed Amy two days ago and promised to go and see her play if I could. I cancelled going home – too tired – so had no excuse.
I always take an energy dip around 8.00. I fell asleep in the first act, which was okay only Amy was sitting right behind me. She must have seen my head jolting back and forth. I stayed for the second half, unable to run as my absence would have been obvious, and to my delight the play was wonderful. I wanted a re-run of the first half.
From the sublime to the ridiculous, Spamalot to Hamalot.
I thank LBC for giving me the opportunity to go and feed my habit.
I do love theatre.
So now, at 23.27, as my body melts in the heat, I’m signing off.
Tomorrow night I am going to the opening of Richard Phillps’ new restaurant in Tenterden. Gino, Wadsack plus many more chefs wil be there.
It will be some kind of reunion. I will ofcourse let you know all about the bad behaviour.
until then cuallsoon

3 thoughts on “From Camelot to Cornwall.”

  1. Have you been to the theatre in Richmond? Its the most charming one I have ever had the pleasure to visit. All red brick and cherubs.
    Chrissie x

  2. Hi Jeni,
    I’ve just heard that ITV may be bringing back Blind Date to our screens. I think I’ll put your name forward to Michael Grade. If Cilla decides not to make a saturday night comeback, You would be fantastically entertaining in her place.

  3. Hiya jeni, my hubby and me were just having our usual daily chat over brekkie,and as we usually put the telly on as soon as we get up,it some how seems we go straight to uktv food. Jim said, “I cant believe Jeni Barnett aint on ere anymore”,I said, “I know what you mean cos i cant stand this market kitchen, its all posh food”. Why did you leave? Is there any chance that you might come back? From jude n jim, East Ham, London xx

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