A pod in Lakeside

We traversed embarassing moments and God today.
Quite literally from the sublime to the ridiculous.
You picked up my mood, how thats possible over the air waves is beyond me, but you did.
One week since we put Jackson down, whichever way you bake it that’s what we did. That damn dog is in my thoughts all the time. I’m all over the place. My timing, my mouth, trying to say ‘black cab drivers’ was a bit like smoking without a top lip.
Straight after the show Dan Ackers and I were driven to Lakeside, in Essex, to pod-cast a personal shopper.
I ate a prawn and coleslaw ciabatta which was as tasteless as most of the shoppers in the mall.
Angie, the personal shopper was very good, so we finished at 7.15.
Raymond, my Nigerian drive, was a brilliant ducker and diver which meant I got back to my car at 8.15.
I was in the flat at 9.00 having cancelled supper with the agent.
I had a cry, ate a mango, made Jim a chicken casserole, put in some washing, cleaned the bathroom and now I am going to watch ‘News at Ten’, have a cuppa and go to bed.
My heart goes out to the famlies in Burma and China. Too painful to imagine.
Have a peaceful night.

6 thoughts on “A pod in Lakeside”

  1. As one of the “Tasteless Shoppers” at Lakeside I want to say how sorry I am about your dog, he was your friend and loved you….that’s all we can ask…..even us at Lakeside.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Just go with the flow, how can you not be all over the place when you have just lost a member of the family. Someone who you have shared your home and life with for a good number of years.
    Remember “it’s just a change of address” and those old arthritic bones are now running and bouncing around, enquiring into everything just like he did as a puppy.
    Have a peaceful weekend Jeni.
    All love

  3. Hi Jeni
    Tess here – spoke to you on the radio the other day – about my Mum and Dad being married for 51 years.
    It really was lovely to hear you talking about them on the radio . One day when I am not working I will call you up (providing I have something to contribute).
    I have really felt for you this week, we lost our Westie Lucy 2 years ago, and whilst the tears have stopped, I still think of her regularly, it is (no matter what people think) like losing a loved one. I loved the analogy that you gave of Jackson just having changed his address. Whenever I think of Lucy I imagine her to be running through long grass – jumping as she goes,it was something she loved to do, and she always looked like she was smiling when she did it.
    I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that dog’s smile !
    Hope next week is easier for you, love to you and yours

  4. I take it you bought the prawn and coleslaw ciabatta? I bought a sandwich for one of the ladies at the centre last week and she said it tasted like glue. It was supposed to be cheese and ham. Luckilly I have time to make our bread, so at least I’m in the happy position of not having to rely on the supermarkets and consession shops for sandwiches.
    I made some stunning crabcakes yesterday. I’m so chuffed! I do 99% of the cooking in my house but for some reason these crabcakes made my day. The simplest recipe ever and my parents loved them. Yeah yeah, I know easily pleased! Simple minds, and all that!!
    I wonder, as do many of us, I expect, how Kirsten is? If you’re out there reading Kirsten, all the best, girl. Let us know how you’re doing, eh?

  5. So sorry to hear about Jackson. We know what it is like – we lost one cat suddenly at the age of twleve and the other at the same age as Jackson. The latter we had to have put down as he went down so quickly. We beat our selves up over the decision for so long but deep down we knew that we had made the correct decision – just as he had and just as Jackson had – you can’t explain but as someone told me – you just know when. We will treasure our time with them as you will with Jackson. We also treasure our time with you on TV and hope you come back soon.

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