Crying for England.

Dear, dear bloggers, thank you so much for your Jackson comments, your advice to cry has been noted.
I am booing at any given opportunity so thanks for that.
23.03. Steve will be in bed, and publish this tomorrow. I couldn’t blog any sooner as I was invited to the Young Vic to watch Jane Horrocks in Bertold Brechts’s Good Woman of Sezuan.
I was really looking forward to it.
In the event it was as bad as it could be.

The theatre space had been turned into a hard Brechtian experience. Brecht in the hands of a novice makes for really naff theatre.
We were meant to be in a Chinese Cement Factory, so the air was filled with dust.
That, and the combination of carbon monoxide emissions as well as the high pollen count had me wiping away allergic tears for the first half.
I sat down at 7.15, by 8.20 I had had enough of ugly music, bad acting, weak directing and blocked sinuses.
I love Waterloo, and The Cut, but I could not bear the performances of the Good Woman of Sezhuan. It felt like a school production. Given everything that has happened in the Sezhuan province the whole evening felt farcicle.
It took me fifteen minutes to get back to the flat, rip off my clothes, don a white night dress, eat two rye bread and coriander sandwiches switch on to Alan Sugar and wonder about the economic stability off our country.
It’s now bed time.
I enjoyed todays show. We talked re-newing wedding vows.
The old man said, that were I to ask him to renew them, if I manipulated him into it he would have to but why was it necessary. Had the old vows, he asked, worn out?
He’ll be home soon.
Tomorrow I’m podcasting at Lakeside and then eating dinner with the agent.
He’s off for three weeks to Scotland so I’d better make the most of it.
Thank you for listening to LBC, writing in and phoning, it makes for a very satisfying job.
I was asked by two agents tonight, outside the Chinese Factory, why GFL had come off.
They had both loved GFL.I told them the truth, which I am unable to write here for fear of being litigious.
LBC is proving to be just as satisfying as GFL, the same fun but without the calories.