Jen-eration Street

Thank you all for your Jackson messages.
I’m over it, and not over it.
I’m unaffected and affected.
I’m completely cool and then I’m like a wet woolley dripping all over the balcony

The hot weather makes a difference in the studio.
I know you are out there, but I can hear you battling with the wind, the sun and the helicopters.
Today we talked about adoption. Being reprimanded for using ‘mediaspeak’ was very useful for me.
I am not in the business of ‘inciting’ my audience,although I am well aware that it is received practice.
When I spoke of ‘buying’ babies I knew the language did not sit well with me. An adoptee mum, with two adopted children from Guatamala, called in and said she was happy her children were at school and that they had been spared my offensive remark. She’s correct. As Addy,from Nigeria stated, in response to celebrity mothers – Joli, Madonna and Mia Farrow, if somebody wants to make a difference let them.
Who are we to play God with other peoples decisions?
I had two guests. TIM BOWLER , who has written a series of books called BLADE, about teenage violence. Some of you have a problem putting a human face to our young ‘criminals’. If we do not believe in the possibility of change we may as well hang up our gloves.
And then ADRIANA TRIGIANI sat in my lttle studio and inspired thousands of you with her talk of writing. Adri wrote for the COSBY SHOW, is bosom buddies with the SEX IN THE CITY lot, and has written several best selling books. She is about to direct the film of BIG STONE GAP,from her own novel.
Ever since I met her, years ago, Adri has wanted me to play Elizabeth Taylor in the film. As I get older and Lizzie doesn’t, I think they may want to re-cast me Oh! to be in a Hollywod movie -well watch his space!!!
It’s Monday night, the river is calm, the temperature is deliciously warm, and I am about to watch Corrie for the first time in weeks.
I have no idea whats happening in the lives of the Weatherfield inhabitants, but it cant be anywhere near as interesting as what’s been happening in mine.

2 thoughts on “Jen-eration Street”

  1. Ah, but which Welshman would you choose to play Burton? I saw his brother the other day. He’s got the same eyes. His home is only a few miles from mine and we’re all in the same cwrdd of chapels. Mr Jenkins his name is. He’s always there. But he never remembers his glasses, so he can’t see the hymns. Baptist, see. He’s a nice enough old bloke, mind. Sorry, Cwrdd means meeting.

  2. Oh Jeni, I’ve just read your sad news, I’m so very sorry and was in tears!! But what lovely notes you had from everyone especially Emma’s Rainbow Bridge. Much love to you and all the family xx

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