Lets play catch up…

Thank you Fee for reminding me that Spurs got hammered!?*&*^%
A big thank you to all my bloggers – me forget you? Perleasse.
But now lets get down to some serious blogging.
Ever since the sugar reading I have been concentrating on my life style.
No, I mean really concentrating.
My day begins three hours before it has to, 3 hours of visualising, pulling out my bee pollen from the freezer, meditating, exercising, running, making up my smoothie, washing, making up my green drink and then driving into the studio. All of this begins at 7o’clock as the crow flies.
I then have my post studio appointments, from going to the theatre, reading books from visiting authors to pre-recording interviews with up and coming guests.
Last evening I went to my acupuncturist who gave me such a heavy treatment that this morning didn’t start until 9.45 which meant I forgot to exercise, couldn’t fit in a run, nearly cancelled my minor ablute before dashing out of the flat to get to work on time.

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