Lets play catch up…

Thank you Fee for reminding me that Spurs got hammered!?*&*^%
A big thank you to all my bloggers – me forget you? Perleasse.
But now lets get down to some serious blogging.
Ever since the sugar reading I have been concentrating on my life style.
No, I mean really concentrating.
My day begins three hours before it has to, 3 hours of visualising, pulling out my bee pollen from the freezer, meditating, exercising, running, making up my smoothie, washing, making up my green drink and then driving into the studio. All of this begins at 7o’clock as the crow flies.
I then have my post studio appointments, from going to the theatre, reading books from visiting authors to pre-recording interviews with up and coming guests.
Last evening I went to my acupuncturist who gave me such a heavy treatment that this morning didn’t start until 9.45 which meant I forgot to exercise, couldn’t fit in a run, nearly cancelled my minor ablute before dashing out of the flat to get to work on time.

Todays show was interesting. It started slowly with a few notable callers discussing whether or not Grandparents should be paid by the government to look after their grandchildren.
Most of you felt that it was an act of unconditional love, which I happen to agree with, although there is an argument for women who want to work but cant afford to unless they have child care, and when the grandparent needs to work as well then yes, I think the Gov. should cough up.
That moved into ‘Things We Have Stopped Doing.’ Polishing our shoes, for instance, I cannot believe how entertaning you were on the old spit and polish routine, nor will I ever forget Iris from Sutton running in from her washing line to share her secret of boiling t-towels which I still do – yes I do.
The teachers strike dominated the next hour, and as you would expect, I am fully behind our lowest paid profession., Given that they are Loco Parentis you would think that the powers that be would give them the recognition they deserve…..humph!
We ducked in and out of various other topics but I was ever so slightly nervous because I had to inteview Keith Allen right after the show.
I have long been a fan of the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’, Lilly Allens dad, and stand-up. His book ‘GROW UP’, is a really good read, well written and as insightful as any memoir is allowed to be.
I wasn’t disappointed. He is a delightful man. Unassuming, passionate about justice and delicious to look at.
It will be transmitted on Friday.
In the middle of the interview my bloody phone rung. Its a very loud old American ring tone. I had forgotten to turn it off, it was Jim, I couldn’t find the bloomin’ thing, when I did eventually locate it under my purse, behind my water bottle tucked right in the corner of my linen bag, Mr. Allen told me to answer it. So I did, the guest is always right.
Jim and I had a tiny chat after which I carried on with the interview, I do hope Steve keeps it in.
Thats the good thing about live radio you are on the edge. and that’s exactly what I loved about GFL, the edgy element.
Pre-recording is never as spontaneous.
Mr. Allen then dashed off to Scotland to interview Mohammed Al Fayed for his new documentary, which, I imagine, will be as sparky as all his others.
It was a quick trip up the Kings Road to Marks and Sparks to buy some pears and blueberries, I get an hours free parking which is the only reason I go in there.
I had to wait 20 minutes whilst the delivery truck reversed 48 times into a bay that wasn’t big enough to take a Dinky toy let alone a 96 foot articulated lorry.
By the time I got to the tea isles, the absence of ‘Rooibosh’ found me tutting and throwing my hair around like Miss Piggy.
I drove home juggling a box of very expensive pineapple chunks on my knee, whilst listening to BB’s latest song, and dribbling pineapple juice all over the steering wheel. Turning the corner was hazardous as all my fingers had stuck together not to mention all the stringy bits of fruit which had caught between my teeth.
The first thing I did upon arriving home was to put on my pj bottoms, a pair of knitted slippers, alwas a pre-curser to getting down to some serious writing, and then the unloading of the M&S food. A total rip off if you ask me – four portions of fruit for the price of three, I could have bought a 23 acre orchard of Sweet Williams for that money
On Monday night the daughter and I went ot see JERSEY BOYS at the Prince Edward theatre in Old Compton Street, right in the centre of Soho.
The show was enjoyable enough, the singing terrific the staging slick and colourful but there was something lacking. A little thin on the ground. But nevertheless a good evening.
Now I have to book some press tickets for the Barbican and prepare the chicken for my meal tonight.
I will exercise before going in to my bed and greet Jim at midnight who will arrive home after doing his second preview at THE ARCOLA theatre. He’s in the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, he had better be good otherwise I may just run off with Keith Allen, chance would be a fine thing.
I always feel so guilty when I dont blog enough but I’m sure you understand.
I have got my sugar down to a comfortable number so life is much less fraught, I just need to get to bed in time to get up..
That’s it, let me know how you all are doing and hopefully I will

4 thoughts on “Lets play catch up…”

  1. Hiya Jen
    Of course we understand, but we do miss you! Glad the sugar is down.
    I agree with you about something missing from Jersey Boys, I always remember a saying from a wonderful play called Quartet….”Art is nothing if it does not make you feel” it’s so right I either want to laugh or cry or at least feel something.
    I’m busy with rehearsals for Importance of Being Earnest (but I think I may need new teeth, that clipped English accent is hard for a Welsh girl!)
    Lots of love to you and the family and to all the Barnett Bloggers….oh and break a leg Jim xx
    Marmite xx

  2. Dear Censor,
    I sent a note yesterday morning but it has not appeared! Did I write something wrong? It was quite funny I thought. Should I bother in future?
    Please advise.

  3. I like the idea of food and philosophy! I wish that one was going to come true. Have you ever read any Simone Weil? Beautiful thinking. really.
    No need to feel guilty when you don’t blog. Life doesn’t half get in the way on times.

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