Give us a choice

I did not have any pudding at the Ivy!
Today the programme was really grown up. We discussed the MMR jab and a doctor called in who was so rude, calling anything that wasn’t scientific ‘witchcraft’.
Thankfully another doctor called in to apologise on behalf of other scientifically minded medics.
The conclusion was that we should be given the choice of single jabs – something that the Government fail to recognise.
There’s a fiscal incentive for doctors to give the triple jab – aint that cynical?
Always bad decision making when there is personal profit to be had.
Then we discussed HYPER-PARENTING, with an incredibly lovely author called CARL HONORE, a Canadian father who just happens to have a way with a pen.
We are not doing well with our parenting skills, all over the globe, it seems.
Most of us are too demanding. too scared, too controlling, too in the face of our youngsters.
In Finland, one of the happiest places on earth, they dont even go to school until the age of seven and then no exams until they leave.
Now that’s what learning is about, fun and games.
Then we discussed computer games and why oh why do men always have to fight?
I am in a pink dressing gown now, off out to a jazz gig in Covent Garden, so I had a little nap when I came in from the studio.
It’s getting lighter and lighter the evenings.
Now that really does make for fun and games.
My last day in London tomorrow, then its off to the cottage for the weekend.
Makes me sigh with contentment.

3 thoughts on “Give us a choice”

  1. Morning,
    Yup, we live in a real nanny state, Jen. Judging by the constant lewd ‘revelations’ in the newspapers politicians haven’t yet mastered their own lives, and we are told the government and Whitehall knows whats best for us. God help us all. So why do politicians have the right to tell me how to live my life?
    They can give us the information we need and let us decide for ourselves. I would have happily carried on eating rib of beef when that ban was on, as I’m fortunate enough to know the source of the meat I eat. I have enough sense to know smokings bad for me, so I don’t. If I decide to smoke I’d like that to be my choice. I’m not so stupid that I drink to excess and fall over. Again, my choice. But the way these laws and regulations are surrounding and smothering us all we’ll soon have a generation of Britons unable to do anything for themselves. Why make a decison when Whitehall can direct me? Or was that Mr Orwells point all along?

  2. hi Jeni, i heard that Dr refer to everything else as witchcraft. I was so tempted to call in but thought i didn’t want u taken off the air for the language i would have used. Its Drs like that who sent the petition to the BBC that has resulted in most of the complimentary therapy stuff being taken off their website. She is probably the type of person who thinks humanity can overcome nature, look how wrong they have been proved over the last few yrs with the Mother showing her unruly children who is still in charge.

  3. I went to The Ivy once – thought the food was decidedly average! However, I did meet Diana Rigg in the toilet! Nowadays, when I go to meet the Old Man on Friday after a long hard week in the classroom, we prefer The Wolseley! If someone is going to take me to a “good” restaurant on a Friday or Saturday, then I insist on a pudding – otherwise why go?

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