Ms Takes.

To Whom It May Concern. Today I got so many junctions wrong I feel sick. Today I managed to undo all the good work I’ve done over the last 9 months. This morning I met the sales team. They were attentive and offered me brownies, croissants and their ears. Then we did the show. I … Read more


Having a whole weekend with the old man, and not having to think about writing anything, or reading anything, was like going away for a month to the Maldives with only a sarong on my mind.
We slept in, we went to the vet….
Jackson is old but still spirted. I am now in receipt of an address for a hyrdrotherapy pool, an acupuncturist and a vets bill that is bigger than the GNP of Bhutan.
We bought CD’s, we had a coffee out, we shared a cranberry flap-jack, we bought all the newspapers, including the shiny ones with celebrities on the front cover.
Jim played his guitar whilst I sat in front of a blazing fire with David Niven’s autobiography.
We watched ‘Letters to Iow Jima’ , having eaten a splendid little curry, then fell into bed very late and satisfied.

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