Having a whole weekend with the old man, and not having to think about writing anything, or reading anything, was like going away for a month to the Maldives with only a sarong on my mind.
We slept in, we went to the vet….
Jackson is old but still spirted. I am now in receipt of an address for a hyrdrotherapy pool, an acupuncturist and a vets bill that is bigger than the GNP of Bhutan.
We bought CD’s, we had a coffee out, we shared a cranberry flap-jack, we bought all the newspapers, including the shiny ones with celebrities on the front cover.
Jim played his guitar whilst I sat in front of a blazing fire with David Niven’s autobiography.
We watched ‘Letters to Iow Jima’ , having eaten a splendid little curry, then fell into bed very late and satisfied.

Sunday, ah! Sunday. Zoe, Corin and Maia, Giles, Bee and Nathan, Jim, me and the ‘nimals, gathered in the kitchen to eat Toad-in-the-Hole and drink Zoe’s Carva.
We toasted pannetonne, ( not with the Cava, under the grill ) laughed at the little one, and walked down the hill to feed the chickens with a loaf of bread that cost 37p, ( don’t ask ) it was bloomin freezing.
As the light faded, the candles were lit and another family gathering ended up with more mess than breakages.
I fell asleep in bed surrounded but the ‘Sundays’ all unread.
This morning was bright and sharp. I left the cottage at 10.00 and arrived at LBC in time for a cuppa coffee and a sit down with Steve, my producer.
My weekend had cleared my brain.
Your debate on THE HOLOCAUST, was both scintillating and deeply moving.
Pancakes and doctors filled the rest of the programme.
Remember it is pancake day tomorrow, my love goes out to all you tossers, I’ll be beating my batter with the best of you.

4 thoughts on “weekenders”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Glad you got to spend a weekend surrounded by the family at last. Didn’t get to listen to the show this week and really missed it, I will catch up, I’m sure it was as fab as usual.
    Have a wonderful evening and a great show tomorrow.
    lots of love
    Marmite xx

  2. Hallo Jeni
    It sounds like a perfect, well deserved weekend, everything a weekend should be in fact. Here’s to many more for you and your family.
    Love June

  3. Dear Jeni, Hooray I’ve found out I can get LBC on cable! How silly am I? I’ve been able to get you all the time and didn’t know. The show was very good I really enjoyed it and the debate about the Holocaust was very moving. I listened for the whole show and will do so whenever I can, so your number of listeners will be up!! Glad to know Jackson will be learning to swim. Just watching the documentary on Ch 4 about the elderly deciding to heat or eat, very scary as I am getting near to retirement. Love to Kirsten. Take care, lots a luv x

  4. Hi Jeni, Hi BBs,
    Sorry, haven’t commented for a while. I have been reading and listening when I could. I caught part of the discussion yesterday on Auschwitz. Very touchy subject that I thought you handled extremely well, Jeni. It’s amazing – is there nothing you can’t handle?? 🙂 You certainly rise to a challenge.
    I’m so pleased for you that things are going well. You seem to be getting great feedback from the LBC listeners.
    Keep it up, Mrs, all the best to the other bloggers and especially to Kirsten,
    luv from Hamburg, Glenn

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