8 weeks in

Cocaine, Lavatories, shoes and cuddling, were our four topics today.
I am learning slowly, but surely.
LBC’s listeners have an opinion on everything. They test me. I’m having to use parts of my brain that I didn’t even know existed.
I was meant to be interviewing Delia Smith but she pulled out, I was meant to be interviewing an author but he was unable to attend, so all in all today felt a little baffling.
Hey Ho!
Tomorrow Channel 4 are coming in to film an interview for a programme on embarrassing illnesses.
I hope it’s not catching.

2 thoughts on “8 weeks in”

  1. HI Jeni, I think you are settling in very well with radio (although might I say you haven’t the face for radio and when will you be on our screens making us all laugh again) — no pressure??
    I have to listen to you on sky as I am no where near London but it’s good to hear you are as fiesty as ever and still have strong opinions your show keeps me from losing the will to live with the mountainous ironing and other dull household tasks,
    Hope to SEE you soon,

  2. I would love to interview Delia (sorry, St. Delia!) You must have been devastated that she pulled out! She is God! I know I sometimes have a go at you – but no offence meant! Just a little crabby at the end of a very long day! Last Friday I left home at 7.20am and returned at 11.45pm! The perils of teaching!! Ok the last 3 hours of that were eating and drinking with colleagues!

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