Burns unit

Imagine a big bowl of cold roasted vegetables, with just a hint of lemon and lime.
Imagine cold chicken, succulent and juicy.
Imagine not having to do the washing up all courtesy of your little roomies.
The perfect apres show meal.
Now imagine a small studio on the 3rd floor of a radio station diagonally opposite Latimer Road Tube Station.
Madeleine Marsh talking the history of food, pertaining to Robbie Burns; his background, his enduring relevence.
Alan Coxon talking about cooking and eating food pertaining to Burns Night from mashed neeps and tatties to Drambuie soaked trifle..
Dave Broom talking about smokey whiskey especially when you are addressing the haggis and how to drink it with a little nip of water to release the flavour.
And the result is Sunday 20th January.
We celebrated my last Foodie show for LBC by talking about and ruminating on the reasons that Mr. Burns has unilaterally put the wee haggis on the map. Why we even had a text telling us that you can now buy Kosher haggis in Wembly. I wonder whether Mr. Burns woud turn in his gravy.
My feet are cold, my bellie’s full and my hopes are high.
Have a good Sunday evening and culotl8tr.

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  1. Enjoyed your last foodie show. When I closed my eyes I could easily see you and Alan chatting in the kitchen like you used to do on GFL. As usual he was very informative. Shame it’s your last Sunday show I had got used to putting my feet up after lunch and listening to you with a glass or two.

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