The Primmies are up

Yesterdays show was as different from ‘Breaking News’ as building a snowman is from whizzing down the Cresta Run.
We covered Public Displays of Affection, marriage, education, ageism and litter.
I talked my lips off.
Today I had my new quarter light fitted, my battery tested, bought a new pink and red rug, had a coffee and scone for lunch, purchased a very expensive set of headphones, the better to hear you with, and a new purse to put all me bits in.
It’s five o’clock and I’m making whatever is lying around in the fridge for supper.
My favourite kind of cooking, all bits and bobs with butter, garlic and a splash of red.
I shall have a read of my ridiculously naughty book about the music industry after which I shall fall into bed having watched a couple of films.
I would like Jim lad to be here but he’s rehearsing ‘ Of Mice and Men’ and won’t be home till pudding.
2008 has already provided one robbery, two dead batteries, a clutch of primroses in the garden and a field of dead sunflowers – they look like lonely black showerheads.
Tomorrow is my last day on the foodie programme, we are doing ‘Burns Night’. I look forward to your blogs.
Have a good Saturday night.
Tell me what you are up to.
And Darren, you have no idea how welcome your blog was. It made me cry. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “The Primmies are up”

  1. Personally I think that you should be made to wear a kilt…so that the listeners could get to see your knobbly kness

  2. Ouch Mrs Jones!
    Actually Jen, you are a consummate professional, always striving for perfection. You did a great job anyway, you have a voice like warm brandy on the radio, it’s very comforting, like being wrapped up in a duvet. Loved the bit about rubbish yesterday, I have the same car as you and apart from the chewing gum that had landed on my lap a few times, twice I have nearly been set on fire when people throw their fag ends out their windows!!
    Much love
    Marmite xx

  3. I was just reading your blog and the comments below regarding dementia in old people. I know it is not funny but my old Mum is 88 and has dementia. When we went to visit her last the police had just been. When questioned why she did not know but apparently had reported her parents missing. Now isnt that sad. God I never want to get old. You Jenni are an inspiration, miss you dreadfully on GFL the day is just not the same anymore. Sorry for all this useless information about my mum.

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Saturday was spent cooking for a meal for friends, mussels with garlic breadcrumbs, lasagne to follow and then German cakes and biscuits. We had a very interesting selection of Welsh cheeses that you don’t get much in England. We took advantage of a 3 day stay with a girlfriend in South Wales.
    OK, so the meal was a bit of a mix but so were the friends. One Italian and the other German.
    You are doing so very well at this radio thing Jeni. You sound like you were born to it so stop worrying and enjoy the heart-felt compliments from all these bloggers who admire and respect you.
    I’ll miss your foodie programme.
    Love Chrissie x x

  5. I think you did a great job again this week Jeni, you seem to be taking to this like a duck to water but then I never expect anything less from you. I felt you’d really been thrown in at the deep end when you suddenly had to change all your topics and deal with the air crash story, I thought you handled it brilliantly. Well done you.

  6. Know what I’m up to? Coughing. All I can tell you is don’t catch this flamin’ cold. I’m fed up of it.
    Moan, moan, grizzle, complain……..

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