Numero Uno

I arrived at LBC by 10.30’sh, having already had a new battery fitted in my car, done a big GREEN shop for food and tested the garage doors to see if they were working – they were.
Apart from the new battery being too big for my boot, all was well.
I sung along to Whitney Huston, bopping in my seat and clapping along to her wanting to dance with somebody, and nipping in and ot of the traffic to Shepherds Bush. One quick manouver down St. Annes Rd, and I arrived at LBC in time for a bowl of fruit and a chinwag.
My producer arrived and we set about the first ever programme.

LBC have a top-ten list of topical stories, so we chose some we liked, scoured he newspapers for lighter offerings then talked around each subject so that I would have a clearer idea of what sort of things you folk might say.
I wasn’t nervous until I was called into the head honcho’s office. He talked me up, he talked me down, by the time I left I was all sweaty and discombobulated.
Half an hour before the show I went onto James O’Brien’s programme. The aim was to tittilate the audience into wanting to listen to my show.
I should have set a question but I didn’t.
That was my first lesson.
I nipped down 3 flights of stairs grabbed some lunch and took it back to the studio.
I settled in my chair, put on my headphones, sorted out all my notes, newspapers and pens anad as the clock struck 12.59.45 Mr. O’Brian handed over to me.
My heart wasn’t pumping as such, but I was nervous. Of course I was.
I talked about New years resolutions, and gym bunnies (fairweather fitness frieks) then Cosmetic surgery. Apparently 577,000 operations took place last year, and according to Which? consumer magazine a lot of them were done because of aggressive sales reps and marketing.
An ex-nurse called in and told us her story, not to do it on the cheap, and to go through the proper channels.
The big story was about The Bishop of Rochester claiming that there are now ‘no-go’ areas because of the presence of too many insensitive Muslims.
‘This story has got legs.’ said Steve my producer. And by golly he was right.
All the other stories took a back seat as the calls kept coming, the texts kept arriving and the emails kept flying. The debate was rich and frutiful. I felt useful.
Apart from that two cuties, Jane Milligan and Wendy Parkin emailed in from Barnet, not knowing how to change their ‘ee’s..
Some local residents want to re-christian Barnet, BARNEY- that’s Barnet with an acute accent on the ‘e’.
Two cute emailers told them how to get the acute accent on the their keyboard.
But my favourite quote of the day was from a young Muslim who held my belief that we can, and should all rub along together nicely. He said:
Aint that good?
I am understandably exhausted,and this blog has arrived far too late to be published, but rest assured when I get used to the three hour stint everyday my body will adapt.
I thank you all for supporting me, calling and writing and texting,
And as for my Barnett Bloggers, to quote one of you

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  1. Day 2 and still I haven’t managed to hide away in my office and tune in on the PC. Tomorrow I WILL do it! My only problem will be trying not to listen too intently as your voice is hypnotic!
    Go Jeni Go!!
    Jill -x-

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