chicken tikka soup

11.45 pm.
I made chicken tikka soup. It was very tasty and filling.
I am so full of chicken tikka soup that I fell asleep in the chair.
I have no idea how much ‘Children in Need’ need.
I couldn’t care less which celebrity gets out of the jungle.
I am too pogged to care.
I do hope your Friday night was marginally more interesting than mine.
night night.
cul8tr alig8tr

2 thoughts on “chicken tikka soup”

  1. Yup, my Friday night was lovely. For a number of years three of worked together. One of us retired (wish it had been me!) and that left two. The two of us work together again at the moment, as the other one was re-located for a year. Through the years the three of us have supported each other thru break ups, divorces, bereavments, weddings, daughters joining the army at 17 and ending up in bloody war zones,(THAT nearly killed the three of us), sons in rapid response police forces, parents increasing ill health, the severe illness that nearly cost a grandson, and partners developing dementia. And we love each other very much, theres’ no friend like an old friend, yeah? And through the years we’ve gone for a curry at least every month, just to escape everything that life hurls at us. For the past 4 months we haven’t been able to get together, but last night we did. We went to Cafe India and talked, ate, drank and laughed ourselves silly.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Just got back in time to say food that changed my life…that I can’t do without has to be proper ham, mash, peas (frozen of course) and parsley sauce it’s my comfort food my condemned girls meal and if it’s done well you can’t beat it. Phew just caught up on the last two weeks blogs, Africa was amazing, will tell you all about it when I get over the trip.
    Lots of love
    Marmite Girl xx
    p.s good job Mrs Jones doesn’t read my blog, she would need to take time off work to correct my errors!

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